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Charge with sun light, light and strong Q & Q Smilesolar watch. I should surely look for people who enjoy life activities. That's why I like to go out, like to go out, like "active life", like sport, like to work outside. In the active life of such people, just a little bit of a little bit. I also asked about the attractiveness of the active life, and I also heard that I tried wearing Q & Q Smilesolar!


| This time, about the active life of Mr. Sakai, who runs bistro in Tokyo.


Cooker Mr. Sakurai

The store name is .
It offers salads, appetizers, meat dishes, pasta, etc. using fruits. It is also recommended to use a family in a family and dating.

Tokyo Setagaya Wakasu2-31-12 Sunkrest Wakabayashi102

Well, how are Mr. Sakai's active life? This time, Mr. Kuma, who is the fishing fond of Mr. Sakurai, is also with me.

Mr. Kumakuma is a hairdresser in Tokyo!


Nothing thinks, it is good to wait for fish

Sakurai:The family is Kyoto in Uji City. There were also many opportunities to touch plants and creatures, as they grew up in a natural place. "Bass fishing" was crazy in such a childhood. I missed his friend and my father and went to the river, and I was nostalgic that I was playing with fishing all day. Now that I became an adult, fishing is the best play for me. Once a week, I am enjoying "caught, can't catch" and friends who went to the river and lakes of all parts of Kanto.

Sakurai:If it is said that fishing is fun, it is the most impression when it was caught. I have been working for many years, but I am delighted as it is when I was able to fish for the first time (laughs). In addition, Mr. Kuma is also true, but we have a lot of time to contact people as they are customer business. I like to talk with the customers, but I am healed to wait for fish to wait for a fish silently in nature. Is it a bit away from the noisy real world? It is a very important time for me.

Sakurai:Sometimes, there are days when it is not a fish that was aiming for fish, or a day I can not fish.
I may go with multiple friends and I can not catch myself (laughs) At that time I'm full of honest and lonely feeling. But I feel interesting in the place where I can not go out.

Get Nagoi who is not a targeted fish.

Sakurai:If you are interested in bus fishing, if you come to my shop. Let's enjoy a loosely together!


Fashion loose and rough

Finally, I asked what I tried using Q & Q Smilesolar.

Sakurai:The off-day off day, I want to spend a relaxing time with the roughness and not bound to the time. That point, Q & Q Smilesolar is light and it is tied to me, so it is perfect for me. It is difficult to get tired even if you have a long time and you can concentrate on fishing.

I also asked Kumakuma!

Mr. Kumakuma:I was also surprised at lightness that I didn't wear it even though I wear it. After that, the affordable price is good. Fishing takes money to the tool, so the hand does not go to accessories. Q & Q Smilesolar watches can be easily buzzed, and it is easy to enjoy, so the fashion is likely to be enjoyed together.

in conclusion

What active life do you enjoy? Light and water strongly and can be charged with sunlight, free clockQ & Q SmilesolarHow about plus your daily.

Well, what kind of active life can you meet next time .... looking forward to!


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