This spring, we mix "feeling properly" and "relaxing" well. A new life corde that you want to imitate!

A new corner that introduces styling that matches Smile WatchSmile style" For the first time, the theme of "Spring Corde that shines in a new life" is the theme.3Propose a styling. Now, a stylist who is active at the forefront of fashion tells the point of the spring coordinates.


Check out the trend this spring!

This spring, I feel like coordination that incorporates refreshing coloring such as pink, blue, yellow, and white. The point is to add a rough item like a sweatshirt so that you use a shirt and use a shirt to fit your holiday relaxing time while using a shirt.


"Shirt x Sweat" with sharp coordinates

First of all, the coordination is exquisite with the balance between "neat feeling" and "relaxation".

A refreshing blue long shirt that stretches your back, put your sweat pants together to sharpen it.

 At hand, a clear ring is combined with a silver -colored watch and a bangle to summarize a cool impression. The ring is well -balanced with a thick and thin arm ◎

Watch: Series 005 (RP18-006)

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The sweatshirt rolls the hem a little longer, and the sneaker chooses a low cut. By doing so, you will create a sense of omission at your feet, and you will have a well -balanced and refreshing coordination.

* Stylist personal belongings except for watches


Up the spring mood with yellow color!

Next is the coordination of the yellow knit, which is a trend color in spring.

TA shirt and knit layered to create a sense of sophistication. If you put on an oversized coat, the relaxing mood will increase.

 For a yellow -colored knit that gives a soft impression, a large swing watch with a men -like. By matching the dark tone, you will be finished in a sharp coordination.

Watch: Series 004 (RP10-004)

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Denim in a loose knit. By combining a loafer at your feet, styling that does not become too rough.

* Stylist personal belongings except for watches


Blue x white with refreshing spring

Finally, we will introduce the main coordination of a soft blue check shirt like spring.

Pants choose white. Choosing pants made of linen material gives a lighter impression.

It is to add a dark tone accessories as a technique to tighten the coordination of the whole light color.

Watch: Series 004 (RP10-003)

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If you unify your hat, watches, and sneakers in black, you will complete an adult outfit that adds a cool essence in the “spring feeling”.

* Stylist personal belongings except for watches


in conclusion

A new life soon. you,Q & Q smilesolar What style do you enjoy with? ""Smile stylePlease take a look.

Stylist: @_hanauchida

Hair & Make Up: @saikoohayashi