A note of Papier Tigre collaboration from Paris. From the state of the production to the usage of the note.

Did you already get the papier tigre + Q & Q Smilesolar Special Set "Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Papier Tigre? Here, we will focus on the notebook and introduce how to use the notebook and how to use it.


Collaboration notes received from Paris

A collaboration note with Papier Tigre was made in Paris, France.

The cover design before being cut is slippery!

Cut with a cutting machine!

 Cut the middle page and make a hole.

A little more until completion!

If you go through the ring ...

Completion of the collaboration note!

How do you use it? How to use collaboration notes

Papier Tigre + Q & Q SMILESOLAR collaboration notebooks are formats that can manage time schedules and tasks. The future plans1It is a highly flexible note that can be used widely, from day events, business to hobby records.
In the second half of the page, there is also a simple ruled line page that makes it easy to take notes for work and classes.


A notebook that can manage "time"

 Includes a watch illustration that can be visually easy to understand and a time schedule! It is convenient to check both work and private schedule at once.

Immediately next to the clock illustrationTodoYou can also write a list. You can manage the task while checking the timeline.

Watch time on your smartphone or make notes.

A convenient era where you can do anything digital.

However, there must be fun and joy that can only be felt in analog!

This set helps you find such a small awareness.

Please get it!

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