[QQ communication in September] Enjoy the autumn slowly! Autumn watch that doesn't work too hard

Hello everyone! It is QQ communication. The peak of midsummer has passed, and the mood is already in autumn mode. There are many people. I enjoyed the summer as much as I enjoyed, so why not enjoy a relaxing and comfortable season in autumn? In the Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q & Q SMILESOLAR, we will introduce a chic, calm design and color clock under the theme of "I want to enjoy the autumn slowly and slowly". Show only some flickers this month on Instagram!

September 9th is QQ day!

September 9th (Fri) is a QQ day! Please wear Q & Q Smilesolar's watch and enjoy going out!

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| Mistening watch Series 003 Dark Ai


Tone down with a chic color. From business style to casual style, design that fits any fashion is popular!

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| Travel watch Series 004 Low Anber

Autumn casualness is the point! Although it is a men's -like design, it has a smart simplicity, and it is easy to wear regardless of gender.

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| Groovisions collaboration model

A watch with a loading mark that appears on a personal computer or smartphone screen. The casual playfulness hidden in a simple design is good!

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A bicolor with navy on the belt and gray on the dial. A mini size that does not insist too much adds a moderate accent to the coordination.

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| Glittering watch Series 005 Rame Pink

Elegant pink color that is easy to use even for adult women. Glitter shines on the belt and dials. It is recommended not only for going out on a special day, but also when you want to improve your mood in your daily life.

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Choose a gift for Respect for the elderly on September 19!

Speaking of "Respect for the Aged Day", it is a day when you respect the elderly and wish for further longevity. Many people give gifts and go to a meal with the feeling of "thank you" to grandpa and grandma. Q & Q smilesolar watches are perfect for gifts that boost such warm feelings!

"Please live long in the future!"
"Let's have a good time together"

Please give a clock with such a message.
And this time, Instagram will introduce a perfect wrapping method for Respect for the Aged Day! It is a wrapping that you can enjoy wrapping with your child. Please try it!

in conclusion

In this fall, please enjoy the season and comfortable season with a chic and calm design watch. Look forward to the Instagram post in September! Please check it.

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