Summer vacation painting project! Feeling like a watch designer! ? Design a smile watch

A summer vacation project to design Q & Q SMILESOLAR watches to your liking this year too!
Place the color and pattern on the pure white clock campus and draw one original watch in the world! Please use it for "home play" during summer vacation!

We are looking for your work!
When the design is completed,@smileqandq_japanI'm glad if you can tag or make a post to Instagram!

Your design isQ & Q SMILESOLAR Official Instagram AccountI will introduce it in.

Check ↓ for the printing method!

[If you print at home]
(1) Download PDF data

Download PDF

(2) Output with your printer

[When printing with Seven -Eleven]
(1) Select "Print" → "Net Print" from the Seven -Eleven multi -copy machine screen
(2) Enter "Print number (reservation number) [89477473]"
(3) Specify "A4 size" and "full color" and print
* Printing period: Until 8/27 23:59:59.
* The copy price will be borne by the customer.
* The color and size may be slightly different depending on the output.
Please participate in the memories of summer vacation!