I want to adopt from today! Introducing Wantoon Corde on one rank!

The corner "SMILE STYLE" that introduces styling that suits Smile Watch. This time, we propose three styling to the theme of "Spring Wante Corde". Now, in the stylist active at the forefront of fashion, I was asked to tell the point of coordination with layered and silhouette.

Green with high hurdles is plus and strength

First of all, a bright green color Wantron Corde. It may be a bit difficult to wear green colors ... However, we will be a well-balanced coordination by using the pattern well. Points to be conscious should match the pattern to the top. It is different from other items, and it is finished in a well-made coordination of Merihari.In addition, we will make a sense of exit by exposing the decollete and arms. It's too flashy, and it will be elegant.

And, in the belt, shoes, watches, etc., a totally focused coordination to make a black color. The accessories at hand use the same green ring as styling and balance handling and styling.

Watch:Mini SeriesRP01-012

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Enjoy the contrast with a couple

Subsequently, Wante Corde to enjoy with a couple. By coordinating with different colors, you can enjoy a sense of casual links.

Men's style setup of denim. I chose a dark color to finish with a calm elegant impression. In the inner, choose a white color that produces a sense of exit and balanced ◎

Also, at hand, black color watch. Choose a big face design, appeal to a sense of presence.

Watch: 20BAR Series (RP30-002)

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Subsequently, Women's Style. All-white coordinates are well-made by changing chickens and materials such as ivory and off-white. Also, let's create a feeling of exact by showing Decorte to avoid heavy overall.

A simple color corde has a playful mind at hand. The clock is finished in a glibbling styling by choosing a graphiced design even with the same white.

Watch: Cookieboy Collaboration Model

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In Corde with white and depth

Lastly introduce the beige color Wantron Corde. By adding white colors to the inner, it is finished into a corde that does not add. Bottoms combine half pants and make the skin with the skin.

Foot, hand is familiar with styling, choice of gray color. The clock is a point to choose a small clock so that the clock does not disturb the fashion.

Watch: Mini Series (RP01-015)

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Adult Half Pants Corde is recommended to combine long socks. It's not a child and adds an accent to the styling.

※ All except watches are private things of stylist.

in conclusion

Only fashionable advanced people can only be done! I feel like Wantron Corde, a little devise with an easy way to use. Q & Q SMILESOLAR proposes Wante Corde, please refer to it.

STYLIST: HANA UCHIDA (Instagram @ _hanauchida)
Hair & Make Up: Saiko Hayashi (Instagram @ Saikoohayashi)