Stationery shop makes watches!? 10 questions to ask PAPIER TIGRE! [Part 1]

Papier TIGRE, a French-born stationery brand. Products with playful designs and color schemes are popular. Such a collaboration watch with APIER TIGRE is released soon! This time, I asked a designer in Paris, France, who was involved in the production. We will introduce collaboration watches in the previous and second part. In the first part, we will talk about papier TIGRE's deep digging and collaboration.


Q1. What kind of brand is PAPIER TIGRE?

A product brand centered on stationery from Paris, France. We started with the desire to get together of creative people and start something innovative.

The key concept of the brand is "innovation and creation". Instead of being bound by the category of items, we value elements such as graphics, playfulness, and practicality, and we are working to create products that users can freely think about and enjoy.


Q2. What are your daily considerations when designing?

Everything that exists in everyday life is a source of inspiration. Especially in the city and the surrounding environment, it is full of the base. For example, a lot of ideas come from being involved with friends, family, and all communities. You may also get tips by going to see exhibitions, reading a book, or watching a movie. It is always important to carefully observe the events that occur in our lives and the scenery reflected, and to keep awareness.


Q3. Q&Q What do you think of collaborating with SmileSolar?

When I talked to him, I immediately wanted to take on the challenge. Q&Q SmileSolar has excellent functionality such as "light", "water resistant" and "optical power generation clock", rich color design variations, and easy-to-take price. I was very excited to see what kind of happy papier TIGRE design would lead to this watch, which is easy to match with everyone and seems to enrich every day.


Q4. What is the concept of the collaboration watch?

We created the concept of "merging the two brands". Q&Q SmileSolar's function as a watch and the design elements that PAPIER TIGRE values. Both of these were natural, and I was conscious that only one of the claims would not stand out.


Q5. What was the team that created the collaboration watch? Also, please tell us about the reaction of the members at that time and their attitude toward initiatives.

Creative staff from Paris and Tokyo teamed up together. The design is determined by the entire team, simulating different variations. While wrapped a sample made of paper around my arm, I said, "This is good!" All the staff were having fun creating it. I want to share this tokimeki with you as soon as possible.

At the end of the day

So far, we've heard about PAPIER TIGRE and our thoughts on this initiative. In the second part, we will talk about specific production episodes of collaboration watches. Please look forward to!