SKU: RP18-001

¥6,050 tax included
A case diameter, width: 36.00㎜
A case thickness: 12.00㎜
A case material: ABS resin
A shelter belt material: Acrylic acid resin
A movement: After MIYOTA Cal.2085( full charge approximately 3.5 months drive)
Waterproofing: 10 standard atmosphere
A band material: Polyurethane resin
  • 光をエネルギーに変えます。

    Turn light into energy.

    Because it can be charged with sunlight and fluorescent lamps,
    No battery replacement required.

  • 突然の大雨だって平気です。

    I don't care if it's sudden heavy rain.

    Because it is resistant to water, when enjoying outdoor leisure,
    There is no need to remove it when doing housework.

  • 縛られている感がありません。

    There is no feeling of being tied up.

    The lightness is what two mini tomatoes.
    Whether you're wearing it for a long time or playing sports
    It is hard to feel tired and comfortable. (Average about 25g)

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