"Champion" starts handling the watch.

The first watch collection was released from "Champion".
It is a daily scene from active to fashion, and feel free to use solar radio wave watch (all six colors).
In addition to the solar function without battery replacement, it is a radio clock that does not require time in addition to the corresponding 10 atmospheres in any active scene.

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■ With Champion (Champion)
Champion was born in 1919 in Rochester, New York. Authentic American Athletic Wear Functional Design, Durability, Materials and Sewing One Manship, which is one detail, such as a single detail, has been passed down with a historical of over 100 years, and when the era is also We continue to evolve with the functionality and trendability. The master's sweatshirt has been loved by many fans around the world as the "The King of Sweatshirt".