The illustration of the watch and the instruction manual purchased may be different.

Features of the product

This product is an analog quartz solar power watch that distributes solar cells from 2 to 10 o'clock on the letterboard and converts light energy into electrical energy to drive the clock.

How to set the time

1. Pull the crown to the time correction position (1).
2. Turn the crown to set the time.
If you advance four to five minutes ahead of the time you want to match and put the minute hand back together, you can match it more accurately.
3. Return the crown to its normal position (0) according to the time report, etc.

At the time of shipment, the spacer is sandwiched in the power saving mode with the crown drawn. Please take the spacer before use.

Features specific to solar power watches

About the Quick Start feature
It is a function that the hand of the clock starts to move immediately when the light is hit even if it is not charged at all and the clock is stopped. However, if you block the light at this time, the clock will stop again because there is not enough charging.
About the charging warning function
The second hand becomes the second hand for two seconds, and it is a function to inform the charge shortage. At this time, the clock is moving accurately, but after a while after the start of the two-second hand, the clock stops. Please charge it by shining light and return it to the original one-second hand.
About the overcharge prevention function
When charging is complete, it is a function to prevent charging any more.


It can be charged by applying direct sunlight, fluorescent light, etc. to the letterboard.
Also, no matter how much you charge, you don't have to worry about overcharge. (with overcharge prevention function)
It is not possible to charge enough if the watch is hidden by clothes, etc., or if it continues to be used and stored in an environment where light is hard to hit.
For comfortable use, do the following:
When you remove the watch, place it in a bright place and charge it.
When storing the watch in a light-free location for a long period of time, charge it sufficiently before storage.

Do not charge in a place where the watch is above 60 degrees Celsius.
Deformation or color change of exterior parts such as letterboards and solar cells, malfunction of mechanical parts, etc.

When charging with a light source that tends to be hot, such as an incandescent lamp or a halogen lamp, be sure to release it at least 50 cm.
When the watch becomes hot, it may cause deformation or color change of exterior parts such as letterboards and solar cells, as well as malfunction of the machine part.

Do not charge in places prone to high temperatures, such as car dashboards.
When the watch becomes hot, it may cause deformation or color change of exterior parts such as letterboards and solar cells, as well as malfunction of the machine part.

Approximate table of charging time

Waterproofing performance

Please be sure to check the waterproof performance and function of the waterproof watch and use it correctly. There is a notation on the dial or back of the watch.
The reinforced waterproof clock for daily life (waterproof at 5 bar) can be used for swimming, but not for diving (skin diving) or scuba diving.
The reinforced waterproof clock for everyday life (10/20 bar waterproof) can be used for diving, but not for saturated diving using scuba diving/helium gas.

About rechargeable batteries

This product has a built-in rechargeable battery that stores electrical energy. This secondary battery is a clean energy battery that does not contain harmful substances such as mercury.
Replacement of rechargeable batteries
Since the rechargeable battery used in this product can charge repeatedly, there is no need for periodic battery replacement like conventional secondary batteries. However, if it is used for a long period of time, the current consumption increases due to gear dirt, oil loss, etc., and the consumption of the secondary battery becomes faster.

About the care and storage of the watch

Cases and bands are in direct contact with the skin as well as underwear. Please always keep it clean and use it because it may stain the cuffs of clothing with dirt that you do not notice such as sweat, dirt, dust, etc.
Care for the product
Case/Wind protection : If sweat or dirt adheres, wipe it off with a soft cloth. Or, use a moss or the like to remove dirt with a neutral detergent.
Band : If sweat or dirt adheres, it may cause color recoloring, so wipe it off with a dry cloth.
Crown : If you leave it in motion for a long time, the dirt and dirt that adheres may harden and you may not be able to operate it, so please let the crown be turned around from time to time. Also, please remove the dirt and dirt.
When the watch is not used for a long time, wipe off sweat, dirt, moisture, etc. well, and keep it away from places of high temperature, low temperature, and humidity.

Magnet-resistant performance

This product is affected by the magnetic field that is close to you, and the time is shifted or stops. The built-in motor uses magnets and is affected by strong magnetic force from the outside. Keep it at least 10 cm away from magnetic products.

Product Specifications

Model.................. Analog Quartz Solar Power Watch
Display function............ Time, minute, and second
Crystal frequency......... 32,768 Hz (Hz: frequency per second)
Time accuracy............ Average monthly difference ± 20 seconds (temperature 5 to 35 degrees Celsius when mobile)
Operating temperature range...... -10 degrees C to +60 degrees Celsius
Driving system............ Step motor
Use power supply............ Button-type lithium rechargeable battery: 1
Duration......... About 3 months (from the completion of charging to the stop of operation)
Warning time......... About 2 days (from 2 seconds hand or 1 second hand to stop operation)
Additional function............ Quick star function, charging warning function, overcharge prevention function