Precautions regarding band exchange

・ Be careful when replacing the band of this product to prevent injury and accident. How to install (be careful, we will not be responsible for any injuries, so please be careful.)
・ If you can not exchange yourself, please consult a watch shop near you. (It may not be charged or not available)
Please note that, especially if it is hard to get lost due to rust or stain on the spring rod, it may damage the clock itself.
-The pieces, pins, tools, etc. after adjusting the band will be used in a safe place that cannot be reached by infants, as it will be a source of accidental ingestion and injury.
・ Please note that the loss of scratches and parts due to your own exchange work will not be covered by the warranty.

Band exchange method

[How to remove]
1. Fix the clock body firmly and insert the tool into the side hole.
Press it to the front or side of the band while pushing down.
The end of the spring is off the spring rod hole, and the band can be removed.

[How to install]
1.Insert a spring stick into the band to be attached, and make the tip of the spring stick out of both sides.
2.Insert the tip of the spring stick into one hole.
3.Use the tool to the tip of the other side of the spring rod into the hole while pushing it down.
4) Please check if the tip of the spring stick is firmly in the hole.
You can check the attached band lightly.