Champion Solar Tech Radio Gray

SKU: D00A-009VK

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[Product features]
・Retro square-shaped case design
・Champion logo and functions are expressed simply
Regular battery replacementorNo need to set the timesolar radio watch
Water resistant to 10 ATMAlso suitable for active scenes
・Light and comfortable to wear with urethane material belt

Color: Navy
Case diameter/width: 41.0mm (XL)  View size guide
Case thickness: 15.0mm
Case material: synthetic resin
Windshield material: acrylic resin glass
Back cover: Stainless steel (*The image shown is a black model.)
Movement: DP64-00A Solartech*1(photovoltaic) / radio clock*2
Waterproof: 10 ATM / Weight: Approx. 47g
Band material: polyurethane resin
Band adjustable size: 135-210mm
Main functions: Monthly difference ±30 seconds (when not receiving data) / Approximately 2 years of operation when fully charged (approximately 10 years when power save is activated) / Dual time display / Perpetual calendar / 1/100 second chronograph function (24 hour meter) )/Alarm/Time signal/LED light

*1 Solar Tech: Charges with sunlight or room light. There is no need for regular battery replacement, so the watch will not suddenly stop.
Radio-controlled clock: Receives standard radio waves sent from a radio-wave transmitting station and automatically adjusts the time and calendar on a regular basis.

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Converts light into energy.

Converts light into energy.
It can be charged using sunlight or fluorescent light,
No need to replace batteries.

Even sudden heavy rain is no problem.

Even sudden heavy rain is no problem.
Water resistant for outdoor leisure
Whether you're having fun or doing housework
No need to worry about removing it.

I don't feel tied down.

I don't feel tied down.
It's as light as 4 cherry tomatoes.
Even if you wear it for a long time, you can do sports.
It's comfortable and doesn't make you feel tired even when you're wearing it.
(approx. 47g)

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