Champion Solar Power Green

SKU: R05A-502VK

¥6,600 tax included

This watch is equipped with solar power (photovoltaic power generation) and can be worn in a variety of everyday situations, from active activities to fashion.
The index on the dial is inspired by the authentic block numbering often seen in college graphics and sportswear.
The C logo placed casually at the 3 o'clock position is an accent.
The belt is made of urethane material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Solar power watches are charged using sunlight or room light, and do not require regular battery replacement.
Another point is that it has high water resistance of 10 ATM, making it suitable for active situations.
Available in 6 colors, including standard colors and accent colors.
The unisex and simple design allows it to be used regardless of age or gender. This collection is perfect not only as a gift for your loved ones, but also as a pair watch.

Case diameter/width: 36.0mm (M) View size guide
Case thickness: 12.0mm
Case material: ABS resin
Windshield material: acrylic resin
Movement: MIYOTA Cal.2085 (runs for about 3.5 months after full charge)
Waterproof: 10 ATM
Band material: urethane resin
Band adjustable size: 120-185mm

  • 光をエネルギーに換えます。



  • 突然の大雨だって平気です。



  • 縛られている感がありません。



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