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Student groupWorldfutFor charity futsal tournament held byQ & Q SmilesolarWe donate (watch).

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Student groupWorldfutAs a result, it is a student group that is mainly international cooperation through football, mainly planning and managing futsal tournaments in Japan, and its revenue is supported at Elementary School in Cambodia.

In Cambodia, we support Smoon Elementary School in Smoon Village from the event of group establishment.

There is no ball, and the schoolyard is also difficult to enjoy soccer and enjoying football safely, seeing children who dream of "I want to be a football player" In the hope of chasing the dream of becoming a football player12It has been supported for the year.

Children have started from donating a soccer ball, including a soccer ball donation, including the ground construction, and the school buildings were built in a situation where the education environment was not established due to lack of school buildings It is supported by developing an environment to advance towards a dream.

Also2019A support project at Kourtom Elementary School has also been started while continuing to support Smo-O elementary school from the fiscal year.

this time,Q & Q SmilesolarIs the watch22I was offered as a prize for the Challie Event Kanto Futsal Convention.

This tournament will be interested in international cooperation through futsal, and students groupWorldfutIt is held for the purpose of conveying the activities of like.

We are a student groupWorldfutWe support the "Charity Futsal Convention" held by.

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