Donated Q & Q SMILE SOLAR to student group World Fut

This time, student groupsWorldFutFor the charity futsal tournament held byQ & Q SmileSolar(Watch) will be donated.

 Student groupsWorldFutAbout

WorldFut, a student organization, is an international cooperation through soccer, mainly planning and managing futsal tournaments in Japan, and using the proceeds to support elementary schools in Cambodia.
In Cambodia, we have been supporting Sumaon Elementary School in Sumaon Village since the establishment of the group.
In an environment where there is no ball and the schoolyard is desolate and it is difficult to enjoy soccer safely, I saw children who had a dream of becoming a soccer player, and instead of providing one-time support, I became a professional with the children of Sumaon Elementary School. We have been supporting for 12 years with the idea of ​​pursuing the dream of becoming a soccer player together.
In order to create an environment where children can enjoy soccer safely, children will start by donating soccer balls, constructing a ground, and building a school building at Sumaon Elementary School, which was in a situation where the educational environment could not be prepared due to lack of school building. We have created and supported an environment where you can move toward your dreams.
In addition, while continuing to support Sumaon Elementary School from 2019, a support project at Keutom Elementary School has also started.
This time, Q & Q Smile Solar has offered a wristwatch as a prize for the 21st Charity Event Kanto Futsal Tournament.
This tournament is held for the purpose of making participants interested in international cooperation through futsal and communicating the activities of the student group World Fut.

We support the "Charity Futsal Tournament" held by the student group World Fut.

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