Is it a clock that looks good in the festival where you can enjoy at Town?

The corner "SMILE STYLE" that introduces styling that suits Smile Watch. This time, we propose three styling on the theme of "Festyle to enjoy in town". Now, in the stylist active at the forefront of fashion, I was asked to tell the point of coordination with layered and silhouette.

"Challenge the flashy color", "Fes Mood UP! Green is the main role and the clock is also choice!

If you want to taste the fest feeling, do you always have a flashy color or design that is not wearing, or not?

Tops are only unique and choice of colorful summer knit familiar with town.

Pants incorporate vivid green colors and have a hatlet. Nylon material is recommended for those who want to spend active summer as they have a sense of sporty! The foot also combines the socks and sneaker sandals with tie-dai patterns and produced the festival.

One point colored green for the hand

Set the top of the Walnut collaboration with the pants color, and the glen point color. The lobster and freedom illustrations are likely to make the fest feeling!

Watch: Illustrator "WALNUT" Collaboration Model

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Refreshing, adult festival style, a gentle blue color watch

A casual style with a shirt on the tank top and denim, just a town or a fess. The shirt is an active impression by choosing a bright bonito pattern.

Small things such as sunglasses, belts and sandals are unified with black. By aligning the color taste, the unity of Corde is UP!

Blue watch tailored to Denim's color!
A gentle blue color watch is choice to fit the tint of denim. It is a fresh, refreshing hand completion!

Watch:Traveling Clock Series 004 (RP10-005)

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Men's Like, but no longer forget women'sness. The clock chooses a red color red.

Combine the shirt dress in the active and men's Like Corde. The shirt dress is a plus feminine by choosing a longer than pants!

In addition to Corde in the sense of accessories, the outdoor hat is a festival like a festival. The foot also produces a feeling of escaped with sandals. By aligning hat and color, Corde gives a sense of unity.

Simple, only one thing that will be the leading role of Corde!
The hand is simple, and the hand was shaped as well as the design and silhouette. The clock color also chokes black and combines it into a cool impression.

Watch: Connection Clock Matching Style 002 (RP29-011)

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in conclusion

I can not go to the festival .... Then it is a styling that lets you taste the fest feeling, and enjoy the non-daily life! Q & Q SMILESOLAR Suggested Fes Corde, please refer to it.

STYLIST: HANA UCHIDA (Instagram @ _hanauchida)
Hair & Make Up: Saiko Hayashi (Instagram @ Saikoohayashi)
※ All except watches are private things of stylist.