[March QQ Communication]#My New Standard

Hello everyone! QQ communication. Smile Instagram proposes watches and recommended ways to spend that month on various themes every month. The theme of March is " # My Standard". Why don't you challenge the colors and designs that you don't usually pick up this spring, and throbbing yourself a little different from usual? Prior to the official Instagram of Q & Q SMILESOLAR, a little flicker of the post in March! The new standard for your new!


What I want to match with a pure white blouse ...

What kind of watch do you choose if you match it with a spring -like blouse or cutter shirt? Usually, if you are choosing a simple watch, why not try a colorful color watch or a watch with a design?

The QQ Smile editorial department has combined a collaboration watch with Masaru Suzuki with a white blouse! Beautiful blue shines white in white, and a refreshing hand like spring is completed. In Instagram, we will also introduce the out -of -hand outfits with the cutter shirts you want to try in the nail points and business scenes. looking forward to!


Which watch is similar to the classic spring outfit?

Speaking of spring classic coordinates, a combination of trench coat and denim pants! Q & Q SMILESPLAR's Instagram proposes a perfect clock for a simple classic outfit!


Finally, check the recommended watch in March!

| 01 Travel Clock Series 004

Deep green color. Even those who did not have color watches before are easy to challenge!

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|02 Q & Q smilesolar by groovisions

With the concept of "waiting time", a playful watch with a motif of the design (loading) designed (loading) when starting up software and apps with PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc. Please enjoy the play elements for waiting time and enjoy your daily life casually.

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| 03 Connection watch Matching Style Series 002

Matching style with colorful clocks such as yellow, pink, and blue. There is no doubt that it will be a simple fashion accent. Please enjoy your family, friends, and loved ones together!

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| 04 Suzuki Masaru Collaboration Model

Collaboration watch with textile designer "Suzuki Masaru". The refreshing blue color is a very beautiful design. Good to match your business style!

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| 05 Personality watch mini Series

A relatively simple clock among Mini Series, which has a unique design. Because it is a gray color, it is easy to match with any fashion. The feeling of size that matches the cute hand of the child is ◎

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in conclusion

For more information, please post at any time on Instagram posting! looking forward to!

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