Quest&Quarity Q&Q

September 6, 2016
Q&Q SmileSolar launches animated hero video

Q&Q SmileSolar unveiled a digital campaign video.
The video brought the brand’s core values to life in a fresh, modern way and also gave nod to the brand’s commitment to TABLE FOR TWO, a non-profit that delivers school meals to children in Africa and Asia.

July 20, 2016
Q&Q SmileSolar Pop-Up Store at Isetan Shinjuku Department store in Tokyo

Q&Q SmileSolar is available at exclusive Pop-Up store in Tokyo.

・ISETAN SHINJUKU STORE Main Building, 5th floor Personal Room /Promotion
From July 20th(WED) to August 2nd(TUE)
3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022 TEL:03-3352-1111

This is the third pop up store at Isetan shinjuku store and our new designs including 20 BAR series is available.

When you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar at the store, you have a chance to play big gumball vending machine to win original novelty in a drawing.

Please come and visit the store and enjoy shopping !

June 14, 2016
Q&Q SmileSolar Concept corner in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Q&Q SmileSolar Concept corner is now open at a watch store “Move” in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
This is the first concept corner in Japan for Q&Q SmileSolar.

Our collections including the latest 20BAR series are available.
Please visit the store and enjoy Q&Q SmileSolar world !

・”Move” Shinjuku Pepe Store
3rd floor, Seibu Shinjuku Pepe, 1-30-1, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

January 12, 2016
Q&Q SmileSolar Pop-Up Store at Isetan Shinjuku Department store in Tokyo

Q&Q SmileSolar is available at exclusive Pop-Up store in Tokyo.

・ISETAN SHINJUKU STORE Main Building, 5th floor Personal Room /Promotion
From January 13th(WED) to 26th(TUE)
3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022 TEL:03-3352-1111

Our new collection “The RED LIST×Q&Q SmileSolar Limited Collection” and “The Great Men × Q&Q SmileSolar Limited Collection” will be available at the store.

September 4, 2015
A New Watch Series in October Featuring Threatened Species and Portraits of the Wise

We will release the Holiday 2015-2016 series in October, 2015. The 12 watches from the series with its advanced solar technology and the 5-bar waterproof function feature designs of the threatened species and the portraits and quotes of the great wise men throughout history.

・The RED LIST×Q&Q SmileSolar Limited Collection
Inspired by the exotic endangered species such as the Nigerian Giraffe, Snow Leopard, Philippine Crocodile, Grevy’s Zebra, Sumatran Tiger, Green Peafowl, and the Burmese Python, the unique designs depict graphically the silhouettes and the body surface.

Each watch will be available from October, 2015.

From left to right:
RP00J029Y:Nigeria Giraffe, Endangered
RP00J030Y:Snow Leopard, Endangered
RP00J031Y:Philippine Crocodile, Critically Endangered
RP00J032Y:Grevy’s Zebra, Endangered
RP00J033Y:Sumatran Tiger, Critically Endangered
RP00J034Y:Green Peafowl, Endangered
RP00J035Y:Burmese Python, Vulnerable

The status of threatened species has been referred to the current IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Red List.
The risk of extinction increases from “Vulnerable” to”Endangered” and to “Critically Endangered” categories.

・The Great Men × Q&Q SmileSolar Limited Collection
Portraits and the quotes from the five great men throughout history – William Shakespeare, Napoléon Bonaparte, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, and Galileo Galilei – are printed on the straps in a monochrome tone. The selection of the wise quotes are all related to “time”. Every moment the wearer would slide a glance at the watch to find out the time, the quote should provide smart guidance to him/her.

Each watch will be available from October, 2015.

From left to right:
RP00J036Y:William Shakespeare
Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.

RP00J037Y:Napoléon Bonaparte
The most dangerous moment comes with victory.

RP00J038Y:Isaac Newton
By always thinking unto them.

RP00J039Y:Charles Darwin
A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

RP00J040Y:Galileo Galilei
And yet it moves.

July 25, 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar participates in Super Saturday NY to support the research on ovarian cancer

Hosted by Kelly Ripa and Donna karan, Super Saturday is shopping event that brings top luxury name brands in fashion, accessories, beauty, children’s and home goods held annually in the Hamptons, New York.

All of the proceeds from sales of merchandise, tickets and tables go towards funding Ovarian Cancer Research Funds (OCRF) programs which is the largest and oldest U.S. charity funding research on ovarian cancer.

We are very proud to take part in this great event by donating Q&Q SmileSolar watch for garage sales to support the research on ovarian cancer.

July 22nd , 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Pop-Up Stores in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan

Q&Q SmileSolar is available at exclusive Pop-Up stores in Osaka and Tokyo.

From July 22nd(WED) to 28th(TUE)
8-7 Kakuda-cho,Kita-ku,Osaka 530-8350 TEL: 06-6361-1381

・ISETAN SHINJUKU STORE Main Building, 5th floor Personal Room /Promotion
From July 29th(WED) to Augusut 11th(TUE)
3-14-1, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0022 TEL:03-3352-1111

Our new collection “The SPICE DESIGNS x Q&Q SmileSolar Limited Collection” will be available at HANKYU UMEDA Main Store.
And “LEITMOTIV for Q&Q” limited collection, created in collaboration with Italian fashion brand will be introduced for the first time in Japan at ISETAN SHINJUKU STORE.

July 2, 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Pop Up Store in Milan

We just opened our first pop up store in Milan on July 2, 2015 showcasing not only our existing collection, but also some special collaboration models and upcoming collection.
Come visit us in Milan and enjoy the SmileSolar brand experience !

Q&Q SmileSolar Pop Up Store
From July 2(THU) to 31 (FRI)
Corso Garibaldi 117 Milan, Italy
Store opening hours
10:30-14:00 / 16:00-21:30 (MON – FRI)
10:30-20:30 (SAT-SUN)

June 16th , 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Takes Part in “Pitti Immagine Uomo” Again to Introduce the New Collection.

Our first participation for “Pitti Immagine Uomo” last January was a great success, a large number of visitors came over to our stand and appreciated our POP and FUN colored watches and its unique solar concept.
It was also a worthwhile opportunity to be able to introduce our brand and the products to the fashion world.

We are very proud that Q&Q Smile Solar can take part in this 88th international trade show again to launch our newest collection.
We can’t wait for the new encounter from across the globe.

Stand location : “MY FACTORY” section
Venue /Period : Fortezza Da Basso, Firenze Italy
From June 16th to 19th, 2015

May 18th, 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Receives Good Design Australia Selection for 2015

Good Design Awards Australia is one of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.
The Awards showcase superior examples of good design across a board range of industries and design disciplines.

After long judging process involving more than 30 local and international design experts, we were qualified to receive Good Design Selection.
The judges highly appreciated the sophisticated design underpinned by solid environmental credentials.

May 16th, 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Participated in Maison & Objet AMERICAS, Their First Show in the US

Miami is the place where Art Basel, the world largest art fair takes place annually. It is the hub of the art and design communication in the United States. Maison & Objet selected this city to showcase the international talents and brands to the North and South America.
They have brought a selection of 300 brands for their first show in America and we were honored to be chosen as one of the exhibitors.

Stand Location:Hall-C Stand #1047
Venue: Miami Beach Convention Center
Period: May 12th to 15th, 2015

March 6th , 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Watches Selected As Japan Pavilion’s Attendants Uniform of EXPO MILANO 2015

Expo Milano 2015, where more than 140 countries will participate in this world’s fair under the theme of “FEEDING THE PLANET, ENERGY FOR LIFE” , will be held in Milano Italy, starting from May 1st , 2015.
Japan will also take part in Expo Milano under the theme of “Harmonious Diversity” with one of the largest pavilion on the site.

We feel very proud that Q&Q SmileSolar watches have been selected as Japan pavilion’s attendants uniform.
Attendants will welcome all the guests with “Smile” wearing Q&Q SmileSolar on their wrists.

March 5th , 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Partnered with Leitmotiv’s 2015FW Collection and Introduced Limited Edition Watches

Founded by Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro in 2007 and based in Bologna Italy, Leitmotiv is an Italian fashion brand featuring vibrant colors, dynamic pattern and unique fabrications for the collection which makes them a natural partner for Q&Q SmileSolar.

The limited edition watches created in collaboration with Leitmotiv were introduced with their runway looks on March 2nd during 2015FW Milan Collection and attracted the attention of the invitee.
Inspired from the shiny and playful world of toys, particularly, the imaginary animals, the limited watches will be available starting in August, 2015 at

February 26th , 2015
Q&Q Takes Part In “Maison et Objet ASIA” With A New Display Concept

“Maison et Objet” is a major French trade fair for lifestyle design. Held biannually, it has been described as "among the 3 most important European events for interior and lifestyle design.
In last year 2014, they have brought the same concept to Asian region, as “Maison et Objet ASIA”

We are pleased to take part again this year following the last year’s show, and will introduce our new collection with a new display concept.

Stand Location: B46
Venue: Sands Expo And Convention Center
Marina Bay Sands Singapore – Basement 2
Period: March 10th to 13th ,2015

February 16th , 2015
Q&Q SmileSolar Watches are Featured in Echosmith’s Latest Music Video, “Bright”

Echosmith, an American pop-rock band best known for their hit song “Cool Kids,” has just released the official music video of “Bright”, the latest single from their debut album “TALKING DREAMS.”
And we are so excited to see Q&Q SmileSolar watches have been featured in this music video!

Sydney, the lead singer, is wearing “Savvy Dots” (Style code:RP01J001Y) from SmileSolar mini Series, Noah(RP00J016Y), Jamie(RP00J002Y) and Graham(RP00J005Y) are wearing SmileSolar Series on the screen!!

Check out the video on YouTube, Q&Q SmileSolar well matches the happy vibe of the video!

December 15th, 2014
Q&Q SmileSolar Pop-Up Stores in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan
Q&Q SmileSolar is available at exclusive Pop-Up stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

From November 29th(SAT) to December 25th(THU)
Roppongi Hills, West Walk 2nd & 3rd floor, 6-10-3 Roppongi, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-0032 TEL:03-5770-4411

From November 29th(SAT) to December 25th(THU)
1-10-21 Nakameguro, Meguro-Ku, Tokyo 153-0061 TEL:03-5773-5500

From December 16th(TUE) to 31st(WED) January 2nd(FRI) 2015 to 12th(MON)
3-10-13 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 TEL:03-3354-0101
From December 17th(WED) to 25th(THU)
8-7 Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-8350 TEL:06-6361-1381

From January 14th(WED) to 28th(WED)
2-7-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-0006 TEL:03-3212-0101

From January 29th(THU) to February 18th(WED)
2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,150-8510 TEL:03-3461-1090
December 12th , 2014
Q&Q SmileSolar Takes Part in “Pitti Immagine Uomo” With a New Collection !
The World Biggest International Trade Fair for Men’s Apparel

“Pitti Immagine Uomo,” the world biggest trade fair for men’s apparel, is the place where not only Italian brands but also international brands introduce new collection for the next season.
A lot of buyers from across the globe visit this exhibition to find new items related to men’s apparel such as suits, bags, shoes and accessories.

Q&Q Smile Solar is very proud to be a part of this 87th international trade show to introduce our new collection.

Stand location : “MY FACTORY” section, Stand No.F/40
Venue /Period : Fortezza Da Basso, Firenze Italy
From January 13th to 16th, 2015

November 21st , 2014
Q&Q Teams Up with Cool Hunting to support Zambia’s Mfuwe Secondary School

We recently partnered with the digital publication Cool Hunting, traveling to Zambia to support the Mfuwe Secondary School.

We joined Josh Rubin and Evan Orensten, founders of Cool Hunting, along with a group of the readers and traveled to Zambia to embark on a safari.
The trip was one of discovery, inspiration and engagement.
They connected with the local community, engaged with the students at the Mfuwe Secondary School and immersed themselves in the culture and surroundings of the South Luangwa National Park.

We donated 800 custom designed watches to the Mfuwe students which were their first watch.
Our solar powered watches are ideal for Zambia since the area relies heavily on solar energy.

Link to the video

September 24th , 2014

While more than 100 brands from 29 countries (from well-known luxury brands to independent creators) introduce their latest collections in runway shows, a variety of fashion fairs happen all over Paris during “Paris Fashion Week.”

One of the main fair is held in a huge tent of 8,000 square meters in Palais des Tuileries, right next to Musée du Louvre. The fair is devided into three exhibitions ; « Paris sur Mode, » « Premiere Classe ,» and «Don’t Believe the Hype,» and we can see it’s popurality from the fact that more than 19,000 buyers from all over the world visited this fair in 2012.

Only the selected brands can participate in « Don’t Believe the Hype, » and Q&Q is very proud of being one of the 17 exibitors this year.

August 5th , 2014
New Footage from the Global Launch Event in New York and the Pop-Up Store in Tokyo

August 5th, 2014 (Tokyo,Japan) – New footage for Q&Q SmileSolar!

The contents include ;
Scenes from the global launch event in New York on April 24th, 2014
Scenes from the pop-up store opened from June 14th to 25th, 2014
In Tokyo.

Hope you will enjoy!

Q&Q SmileSolar Global Launch Event in New York / Pop-Up Store in Tokyo
June 26th , 2014
Q&Q SmileSolar Pop-Up Store Opened at Omotesando Hills, Tokyo

June 26th, 2014 (Tokyo,Japan) – The first Pop-Up store opened for two weeks from June 14th at Omotesando Hills, a shopping complex located in central Tokyo.

The store was created to celebrate the launch of Q&Q SmileSolar in Japan and to showcase the new series products to the Japanese consumer.

The cool design of the pop-up store caught the eye of the style-savvy shoppers in Omotesando and attracted not only the local crowd, but also those visiting Tokyo from overseas.

April 24th , 2014
Q&Q SmileSolar Global Launch Event in New York

April 24th, 2014 (New York, NY) – Q&Q SmileSolar watch Global Launch event was held at Open House Gallery in New York City.

The event was to celebrate the global debut and to introduce our new series products to influencers and media in New York.

Guests were welcomed by “The Bumbys” , unique performance artists using typewriters, entertained by a Japanese candy bar and a specially created Q&Q photo booth. The evening was further pumped with the performance of DJ, Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s sister, widely recognized as a style icon.

April 24th, 2014
New Q&Q SmileSolar Watch featured in Katy Perry’s Latest Video, “Birthday”
April 24th, 2014 (New York, NY) – Q&Q SmileSolar, a new line of efficient, cost-effective and color-driven watches debuts today in Katy Perry’s latest music video “Birthday,” the fourth single release from her critically-acclaimed album, “Prism.”

Q&Q’s new series of SmileSolar powered and maintenance-free watches have been championed in over 120 countries worldwide. For every purchase of a Q&Q solar watch, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Table for Two, a non-profit that serves deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia. From its accessible price point ($40.00) to its easy-to-use and eco-friendly functionality, the name and product truly strive to bring time for everyone.

In one of the video’s playful storylines, “Birthday” features Katy Perry as a Princess host at a children’s birthday party. While disguised as a princess Katy playfully jokes with the kids at the party as she paints their faces in a crazy manner. Once princess Katy revels herself as Katy Perry a celebration ensues, as the kids at the party are thrilled to realize it is Katy Perry.

Q&Q SmileSolar watches are expertly crafted from both virgin and recycled materials featuring waterproof casing and a solar-powered system that keeps them operational up to 3.5 months after a single charge. The Series is currently available for purchase at

When you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar watch,
a portion of the proceeds is donated to TABLE FOR TWO
to deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.

In our world of 7 billion, 1 billion suffer from malnutrition, while another 1 billion suffer from obesity.
TABLE FOR TWO rights this imbalance by simultaneously addressing the two opposing problems through a unique "calorie transfer" program.
By partnering with over 600 corporations, universities, restaurants, and organizations implementing our program in their establishments and products,
TFT has served over 50 million healthy meals to both sides of the "table."
On one side people are eating healthier meals, and on the other children are receiving nutritious school meals.
In this way, we can say that when you dine at TABLE FOR TWO, you never dine alone.
Instruction manual for SmileSolar

Thank you for your inquiry about Q&Q watches.
Please tell us your country, your name and type of business (Importer, Retailer or Consumer) when making an inquiry.