Q & Q Smilesolar
What you can do for society

It is Q & Q Smilesolar, which was born from the thought of "smile and wanting people to make people happy in the world", but only the reality that can not be accomplished by the watch.

So we were the social contribution acting from Japan to eliminate the various problems of the world, such as hunger of children in developing countries and obesity and lifestyle-related diseases of developed countries,Table for Two"Heart".If you purchase a clock for Q & Q Smilesolar, part of the purchase priceTable for TwoDonated to "Africa and Asian children are delivered to deliver school lunch.

As of September 2020: 260,185 meals

Besides this, we support various groups working on social activities that smile people.

"I want to make people smile and make it a happy place between the world". It is never easy.
Still, I am working on one by one, so I can achieve this goal.