Creating the Moments of Happiness to the World.

Innovation gives everyone access to technology.

Make our solar-powerd wristwatch your everyday favorite.

By changeng light into energy, the watch needs no battery replacement,making it a green option for all.

Imagine putting on the smartest timepiece just like wearing a t-shirt.

This innovation brings everyone on this planet a smile.

Three features

Turns light into energy

It can be charged with sunlight or fluorescent light, so there is no need to replace the battery. The

I don't mind sudden heavy rain

Because it is resistant to water, it does not have to be removed when enjoying outdoor leisure or doing household chores.

I don't feel tied up

The lightness is equivalent to two cherry tomatoes. Even if you wear it for a long time or play sports, you will not feel tired and it is comfortable. (Average about 25g)


When you purchase a Q&Q SmileSolar watch,
a portion of the proceeds is donated to TABLE FOR TWO
to deliver school meals to children in Africa and Asia.