[Dig deep into the design secret story] 10 things to ask Yuko Kanaya [part 2]

The second part of "10 Things to Ask Yuko Kanaya", an artist who paints geometric and organic patterns in vivid colors. Here, we will dig deeper into the secret story of design. We asked about our commitment and thoughts on design.

Kanaya's artwork and thoughts on collaboration watches are introduced in the first part!
[[First watch design] 10 things to ask Yuko Kanaya [part 1]Here


【Part 2】Dig deeper into the design secret story of the collaboration watch

Artist Yuko Kanaya


Q6.How did you proceed with the production of this collaboration watch?


At first, I drew a lot of ideas with rough sketches, and after I decided on a certain direction, I drew the artwork on the board. I use colored pencils for coloring. I decided the color of small parts such as needles and belts accordingly. Based on that, I had a sample made at the factory, but at first I looked at the finish and it didn't sit well, so I made adjustments while re-drawing the board from the beginning.


Q7. Is there a point where you struggled?

My paintings are often finely drawn, but if you do it on the small board of your watch, it won't be very beautiful. However, if you draw too simply, it will not be my picture, so until you find a good balance, "Is this really good?" And hesitation may come out after the finish. Fortunately, because the size of the board surface is small, I can adjust it several times to "let's draw another point", and I think that it was finished with a moderate balance.


Q8. Is there anything you've challenged this time?

I don't usually add messages to my work, but this time I'm taking my own interpretation of time.
In the design linked to the time with an analog clock, there are many things that are symmetrical on the left and right, and points are placed at a specific time, but this time I shift the rhythm a little and draw it asymmetrically, and the way the point of the time is placed irregularly.
At exactly 0:00 and 4:23, that's always the time for me, so I want to capture the time in my own way. Therefore, we aimed for a design with freedom that is not bound by the regularity of the watch to the extent that it does not impair the ability to know the time.


Q9. What kind of watches are there and how do you enjoy them?

I don't wear watches on a daily basis, partly because I look at time on my smartphone and because I like bangles and bracelets, but when I want to spend time empty-handed or away from my smartphone, such as picnics and trips, I wear it as an ornament that knows the time.
There may be a generation, but it is also a little nostalgic for me. There is a fun sense of incongruity similar to using a camera or record player to do what you can with a smartphone or PC.



Q10. Last question. How did you feel when you actually saw the completion? Finally, please send a message to the customer.

The impression changes between the original picture and the actual clock, so I was worried until I saw the completion, but first I am relieved that it was completed safely. After completion, I actually spent the day wearing this watch, and when the gorgeous colors came into view, I felt better. I hope that those who will take this watch in their hands will feel the same good sign. And, how to catch time and how to spend time are different for each person, but I am very happy if it becomes an item that is close to such "each" and boosts it.

At the end of the day

10 things to ask Kanaya-san. How was it? Yuko Kanaya's design collaboration watch will be released at 8:00 p.m. on January 28! Please get a watch that makes your heart excited just by wearing it.


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