【First watch design】10 things to ask Yuko Kanaya [Part 1]

Yuko Kanaya is an artist who creates geometric and organic patterns in vivid colors. In addition to incorporating various methods such as installations and animations, he also provides artwork for projects such as fashion brands and musicians. This time, such a collaboration watch that she designed appeared. This time, we will prepare all 10 questions by dinging what we want to ask Mr. Kanaya in the front and back. In the first part, we asked about Kanaya's artwork and his feelings for collaboration watches.


【Part 1】What Kanaya-san makes and his thoughts on collaboration watches

Artist Yuko Kanaya


Q1. Speaking of Kanaya's work, the geometric artwork is impressive with vivid colors. What led you to your present style?


I have loved drawing since I was a child, and I naturally went to an art university. So when I objectively compared other students' works with my own, I realized again that "I like color", and opened it by using color. As for motifs, I was not very good at drawing concrete things, and as I tried to draw without stress, I bedded to draw a lot of abstract and geometric things.

Here is an art work filled with Kanaya-san's world with vivid colors and depth!


Q2. Are there any my rules for production?


Don't force it. I value the feeling when I'm working on it. When I don't ride, I drink coffee and take a break, eat something sweet, listen to music, and so on. You can also get more creative by cutting out magazines and doing collages, or by doing things that have nothing to do with the main subject.

A box that cut out the pages of magazines and collaged them! There are a lot of colored pencils inside.


Q3. You create your work in a variety of ways, including painting and animation, but what's the appeal of each?


In addition, we have tried to take in handicraft elements, dye them, and have methods to be careful about. I want to be flexible without limiting my methods.
In the case of painting, I like to be free from realistic restrictions such as materials and space. In large works such as installations, it is interesting to be able to experience what you have created because you can express it throughout the space. In addition, animation does not have advanced technology, so it is fun to be working on productions that emphasize momentum.


Q4. From here on, I have a question about collaboration watches. Q&Q What was smileSolar's state of mind when asked to collaborate, and what kind of theme was designed?

Many of my works are shaped to fit a watch, so I think it goes well with each other. That's why I was really looking forward to working on it. The theme is "Watches that make your heart exciting just by wearing them.". Every time I look at the clock, I design it with vivid colors that clear my mind. I want you to use it regardless of gender or scene.

Q5. The last question of the prequel. What is the fun of designing a watch?

When the picture is finished, it is over. However, it is interesting that the picture does not stop because the hand moves all the time in the clock. Even when I was designing, it was interesting that I was able to create from a different perspective than when I was drawing, such as the relationship between the color scheme between the drawing on the board and the three needles, and the fact that it would be fun to attach a motif to the needle.


At the end of the day

So far, we've asked about Kanaya's artwork and his thoughts on collaboration watches. In the remaining questions, we will dig deeper into the creation of the collaboration watch! We will introduce plenty of Kanaya World packed with commitment.
So[Dig deep into the design secret story] 10 things to ask Yuko Kanaya [part 2] please look forward to it!

And yuko Kanaya's design collaboration watch will be released at 8:00 p.m. on January 28! Please get a watch that makes your heart excited just by wearing it.


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