Walnut collaboration [part 2] | various scenery and time with this clock

Walnut is popular among young women for its edgy illustrations in mode. This time, such a collaboration with her was realized. In the first part, we asked about WALNUT himself and the secrets of the design of the collaboration watch. In the second part, we delved deeper into the theme of the collaboration watch, "Design that makes you want to see the wide world". We will pay attention to her unique perspective of traveling and flying around the world, and ask about the thoughts embedded in the collaboration watch.

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I like to build up small success experiences

― The second interview with illustrator WALNUT. The second part is about an episode about the trip of WALNUT who likes to travel. This collaboration watch was illustrated with the theme of "I want to see the wider world", and the wonderful events that happen by traveling.

Illustrator WALNUT


WALNUT:Yes. I do research, visit various places, meet a lot of people and scenery, and sometimes happenings happen. I packed the fun of such a trip. I want to see various worlds! I hope it will be a design that can push the back of the person who thinks.

- There are many charms to traveling. What do you think is the most attractive thing about your trip?

WALNUT:To have a small success experience over and over again. Unexpected happenings can occur when you travel. Each time, finding a solution in your own way and clearing it will lead to more and more confidence, and you will be able to do more and more. Then, the resolution of the world increases. I think that being able to have such an opportunity is the charm of travel.

- You enjoy your trip to the full. When I look at SNS, I think I'm really going to various countries. When would you like to go on a trip?

WALNUT:When I went to Barcelona before, I wanted to eat the real paella.

- You're going for that reason.

WALNUT:I want to go! I'm going to jump in for any small reason. Of course, I don't go to dangerous areas.

- However, I feel that there are many people who are hesitant to jump in.

WALNUT:I was scared at first, too. What should I do if I have any trouble? And. But curiosity wins (laughs)

― Could you tell us about any episodes that were difficult?

Mr. WALNUT: When I went to a country town in Spain, it was quite a time when I noticed. I asked the station staff about the train service in English, but I didn't seem to understand English, so I only got a reply in Catalan. It seems that I could not read even if I erred it to letters, there was no charge of the smartphone, there were no people around ... Well, what shall we do? But in the end, I managed to do it. This is a small happening, but there are many other episodes that can be talked about and levels that cannot be talked about (laughs).

- The anxiety that might be left behind in a city you don't know is immeasurable. Are there any countries that have left an impression on you?

WALNUT:Georgia is very impressive. There are still the remains of war, and the buildings are broken or clearly inclined, but everyone lives there without worrying. However, there were very stylish hotels and restaurants that renovated a printing company from the former Soviet Era, and there was an area where artists gathered, and it was interesting to see various aspects.

―You have a lot of scenery and experiences that you can only encounter in that place.

WALNUT:I was overwhelmed by the scenery that I had never seen before, and I met people with various styles. I hope the day will come when I can make such a trip again.

- I have to make a plan now!


Changing perspectives changes the visible world

―What would you like to convey about your work and through this collaboration watch?

WALNUT:What I keep in mind in my usual production is to have multiple perspectives. For example, the train series that sketches people on trains and the "Leaf Series" that draw illustrations on leaves can also be noticed and interesting works just by changing the viewpoint and expression.



- Certainly, paper and leaves change the way you look.

WALNUT:Let's see. Also, when I travel abroad, I try not to draw much of the scenery of World Heritage sites and tourist attractions. It's a place where everyone pays attention and thinks, so I don't have to dare to draw. If it's a great deal, I'm like, "It's interesting!" like an old man sitting on a bench in a place where there's nothing like it, a street bookstore on a street corner, or a delicious dish eaten at a small shop that doesn't seem to be listed in a guidebook. I want to draw what I think I like. I would be happy if I could deliver new discoveries through my illustrations, and I would like to tell them that everyday life is full of interesting things by changing the perspective a little.

- Change your point of view, I see. That's a great idea.

WALNUT:Therefore, even those who wear collaboration watches go to many places with this watch, and you say "It's interesting!" I want you to enjoy the scenery and time to the full.

― It is a message like WALNUT who actively flies around various places. Thank you very much for your talk! It was fun to be a sanpo together.

WALNUT:Thank you. I also had fun.

At the end of the day

The collaboration watch designed by WALNUT will be released at 8:00 p.m. on January 28. Wear a watch that makes you want to see the wider world and go out to different places!


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