"I am Ricky!" I ask the Taloout, the unrawed Himitsu.

Mr. Tarau-Out, who collaborates with various fashion brands and department stores, and designs character designs.A cute character with a good chin is popular.This time, collaboration with a taloout is realized.How on earth did you have the Q&Q SmileSolar colored?Here, I had a look at the design, and Mr. Taroout, I heard about your own story.


Visit Mr. Taloout's home!

-What are you going to do this time for Mr. Taloout's home?

Mr. Tallowout:Don't be nervous. (Laughter) I'd like to say hello to you.


Caracter Artist Taroout

-This is your home, isn't it?Do you always have a job here?

Mr. Tallowout:Yes.It also serves as a workshop.

-There are many different characters here, aren't you?I'm thrilled. How are Taroouts conscious of what he's doing when he makes it?

Mr. Tallowout:I'm trying to design a design that no one is going to hurt.Sometimes I ask you, "Why don't you draw a toxin?"But I think there are not a few people who will hurt you with that character.It may be difficult to get 100 percent complete, but as much as I can, I'm making it as I can.

-Mr. Taroout' s character is all the kind of 'gently like' characters that they feel like.

| If you like, try and change your changes.

-How do you usually have a taroout?

Mr. Tallowout:He invited friends to open a dinner party, participated in the Ekiden, and tried to take on the acuathlon.I have been very active in the past few years.

-You've been doing a lot of things!

Mr. Tallowout:It wasn't that type of thing before.Since I have a lot of work to do with my work, I have less chances to meet people.At one time, he was gradually activated by the invitation of his friend to "run."I didn' t feel like running, but when I tried, I had a lot of fun.I began to cook and cook the same person, saying, "Don't cook."I'm going to teach you a little while I'm taught.Then he invited a friend and wanted to perform the cooking.

-And you're opening a dinner party.

Mr. Tallowout:Yes.There are many people who have invited various people to enjoy delicious dishes on a regular basis, entitled "Taro-a-Turables."

-Are you going to be free by the taloout?

Mr. Tallowout:No.and the hospital-like is so hard. (Laughter)
I once tried one challenge, but it was not enough for me to prepare a meal for a few minutes.I've kept you waiting for more than two hours.Since then, they have changed the style to be made or brought together by everyone.You can enjoy the joy of making it together, and you can keep on with it.

-Oh, you're so good.You don't have to enjoy it. You know, the word "acrylon" was the first word to enjoy it.

Mr. Tallowout:It's a minor sport, but it's a good idea to imagine there's no triathlon cycling.I was trying to challenge Aquathlon because I had a pain in my running.When I was bored without running, I was encouraged by my friends to "try swimming."But I didn' t swim at all in Kanazuchi.

-Well, you know, it was quite necessary to have the courage to start!

Mr. Tallowout:Yes, it is.But this was a good opportunity, and I began to attend school.I've been able to swim five kilometers for two years.

-5 kilos? Awesome!

Mr. Tallowout:So I can swim at the competition for my friends and aquathlon since I can swim at all.

-You were afraid to swim in the sea?

Mr. Tallowout:I was afraid to make a mess.That's why I have a team that is doing sea training to participate in the training.But I was part of the beginner's class, but I lost only one of them to my dread.I was supposed to participate in the Aquathlon convention with my friends in four, but I was in a crisis with three people coming home, and I practiced in the short distance, and I practiced in advance, " he said.

How was the convention?

Mr. Tallowout:The sea in the stadium was so beautiful that seaweed and fish could be seen, and the waves were calm and calm, and they could swim very comfortfully.

-Excellent.This year, however, we were unable to participate in the competition due to the effects of the new coronavirus, or haven't participated in such a conference?

Mr. Tallowout:That's right.The job itself was always alone, but it didn' t have an impact, but it was a sensation that I had less time to meet with people, and it was a sense of how to get out of the spotter.For me, I realized once again that I had to spend time with my companions.I was a bit surprised at my own change when I used to shut up alone in my house.

-You've been spotting a lot of things, and you've been discovering new pleasures and pleasures.How long have you been overtaken for such a uncomfortable period of self-discipline?

Mr. Tallowout:I began to study the piano that I had been longing since I was a child.

-Is that the piano?

Mr. Tallowout:If you start it now, it's right now.

-Wow.What kind of songs are you practicing?

Mr. Tallowout:I'm practicing jazz centering on jazz.because in the future, playing a jazz piano on the home of an old man, and tasting the last mote period. (Laughter)

Mr. Taloout, who will demonstrate the results of his training.Play without seeing the score!

-Is this the mote period? (Laughter)

Mr. Tallowout:If you start now, you'll get pretty good, don't you?I will continue to do this for the future!

-Mr. Taroout, who is challenged for many things, is very rich and happy every day!


"I am Ricky!" The watch I think of it.


-Collaboratwatch, we finally finished it!

Mr. Tallowout:It's the first time I see real things. I'm glad to see you.


-Mr. Taloout is also active as an ambasadder of the Ministry of the Environment.Q&Q SmileSolar also recruited solar cells or donated solar cells, and in terms of SDGs, I thought there was something in common with Mr. Taloout.

Mr. Tallowout:I'm grateful.Since 2015, I have been working as an environmental official in the Ministry of the Environment, but I have been indifferent to the original.At first, what is Eco?I began to think about how to act in the future, and how to act in the future.It is, of course, important to call for patience to reduce carbon dioxide, and to endure something for it.But can we put up with all kinds of things, and we can really be happy?I think.This is my opinion, but if it is necessary to move for the sake of the future, I would like to be more excited or enrich than the patience of it.For example, a missing tea bowl or a remake of an old one.Using things for a long time is a way of life and spirit becoming rich and will lead to the future.I'm still trying to figure out what I should tell you as an ambassadder, but I want to tell the messenger a character like that.

-Okay.I think it's a sticky idea.

Mr. Tallowout:Therefore, I thought that collaboration with Q&Q SmileSolar, which was sustainable by natural forces, was very close to my idea.

-I think it will be a clock that Mr. Taroout designed for me to use for a longer time.That's how the cute rabbit character is designed for this collaborative watch.Tell me about your thoughts in design.

Mr. Tallowout:This character is called Lanny of Lucky Bunny.The lucky rabbit is said to be lucky to find a lucky rabbit.Every time I look at this watch, I say, "You're a lucky man!" and every time I look at it, I think, "I'm lucky!"I, too, were invited by my friends to challenge all sorts of things, and I was able to meet many people.In addition, even if the new coronavirus is in fashion and dizzy, it can challenge the piano that I've been longing for, and everything is connected to the Ricky.I'm happy to have someone who can wear this, saying, "I have lots of things, but I'm lucky."

-You're just wearing it, you're willing to feel positive about the belt part.Is there something called "Solar"?

Mr. Tallowout:"I don't know," he said.I'm wearing Q&Q SmileSolar's solar solar solar.

It's a nice idea! It's a good idea! It's a good fit for a casual fashion, and it's a good idea.Finally, please send a message to our clients who are looking forward to the collaborative watch.

Mr. Tallowout:If you are to fall back, remember this collaborative watch." I'll be fine.You're lucky! ' That's how you'll be able to cheer up on you.And I want you to go out to a variety of places to match your favourite clothes!

-Thank you. I'll deliver this lucky watch to a lot of people!

The collaborative watch designed by Taloout will be on sale on December 1.Don't try to get lucky to get lucky every day, by getting a good look.


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