Picnic style. Use the color and the Layerd well, and praise!

Bing Web: smile WatchSmile style. This time, picnic style of spring3Two styling suggestions. Now, I showed the point of the coordination conscious of the Layerd and silhouette to the stylist which is active in the forefront of the fashion.


All over style

First of all, I want to challenge the parent and child "overall style".

Mama made a wide silhouette that adopted the trend. In addition, the whole was settled in a white base, and it finished with a calm impression with unified feeling.

The clock is black to the tops of the tops. It is recommended to add a clear glass material ring if you want to add a feeling to the hand.

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Twins make individuality with the use of color. Just change the color of the tops and change your impression.

The hand is a handle with the handle on the belt. It is a child pop and a cute impression is finished.



Left:Mini sageRp01 00003

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Right:Mini sageRp01

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Color × A good dress


Next, it is coordinated with the green color which reflects in the green of the vegetation.

It is comfortable to fit with a solid trainer. Loose fit denim pantsGood

At hand, white color watch selected for the tops. One point is the ring of the color, and it is finished with the accent of the harsh accent.

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The balance is especially important when layered. In order to combine the overall color and balance, the foot is combined with black color sneakers



Blue × White like spring


Finally, we introduce the combination of denim and Chino pants to reflect the green of the lawn. Under the jacket, we matched the hooded sweatshirt and finished the casual layered style.


Watch the color of the pants and match the beige color. By combining colors, the unity of the coordinate increases.

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It is recommended to take in the black color, such as shoes and bag, to tighten the tone of the coordinate. Here we added a sneaker plus balance.


* all watches except for the clock are private items.



It becomes the season where it is easy to spend. For the day when the weather is good, let's enjoy the picnic and the walk with the coordination of the bright color and the layered style.Q & QPlease suggest picnic style that you propose.

Stylist:Hana UchidaInstagram_ Hanautery

Hair & make upSaiko hayashihiInstagramSaikoogae