This spring, we mix "feeling properly" and "relaxing" well. A new life corde that you want to imitate!

A new corner that introduces styling that match smile watchesSmile Style」。 The first time, with the theme of "spring color coordinates that shine in new life",3Two styling proposals. Now, I asked a stylist who is active at the forefront of fashion to teach me the key points of spring color coordinates.


Check out this spring trend!

This spring, I feel like coordinating pink, blue, yellow, white, etc. with refreshing coloring. As a new life, it is important to add rough items like sweatshirts so that you can use your shirt to be aware of the "feeling properly" and also match the relaxing time of the holiday.


"shirt × sweatshirt" with sharp corde

The first thing we will introduce is the perfect balance between "feeling properly" and "relaxing".

A refreshing blue long shirt with a sharp spine stretches out, and sweatpants are dared to match the sharpness.

 You'll have a silver-coloured watch and bangle paired with a clear ring for a cool look. The ring is well balanced with a thick and thin arm ◎

watch:SERIES 005(RP18-006)

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Sweatshirts are slightly longer and the hem is rolled up, and sneakers are low-cut. By doing so, it creates a sense of missing feet, and it is finished in a refreshing coordinate with good balance overall.

※Other than the clock, it is a stylist's personal thing.


Up the spring mood in yellow color!

Next, coordinates with yellow knit, which is a trend color of spring, as the leading role.

TI produced a feeling of being comfortable with a layered shirt and knit. Wearing an oversized coat will improve your relaxed mood.

For the knit of the yellow color which gives a soft impression, a men's-like large swing watch. By matching the dark tones, you can create a sharp coordination.

watch:SERIES 004(RP10-004)

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Denim in a loose knit. By daring to combine loafers at the feet, styling does not become too rough.

※Other than the clock, it is a stylist's personal thing.


Blue× white and refreshingly springy

The last thing I will introduce is a soft blue check shirt that is like spring.

I chose white for pants. By choosing linen trousers, you will get a lighter impression.

◎As a technique to tighten the coordination of the whole light color, it is ◎ to add the accessory of the dark tone.

watch:SERIES 004(RP10-003)

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If hats, watches, and sneakers are unified in black, it is the completion of an adult corde that adds a cool essence well to the "spring likeness".

※Other than the clock, it is a stylist's personal thing.


At the end of the day

A new life soon. YouQ&Q SmileSolar What style do you enjoy with? 「Smile StylePlease refer to it by all means.


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