Series008 taught me how to make every day special

I am not addicted to a decided mold. Feel free to enjoy and find a new me

There is a sense of quality, and the figure which was glittering. Q&Q What is the root of her charm as a SmileSoar Series008? Here, I introduce her who lives as a clock. What is the true face that you can see from your attitude toward work?


- Series008-san, thank you for today. First of all, please introduce yourself.

Series008:Thank you very much. I am working as a series008 of Q&Q SmileSoar. The brand is in charge of "glamorous" and "classy".


- The calm colors and sparkling Swarovski ® crystals are wonderful. Series008 has the impression that she is an "adult woman." Are you particular about design?

Series008:As a person in charge of "classy watches", I am conscious of "simple, elegant, but not too gorgeous".


Do you have many "beautiful eyes" and "adult-like" styles in fashion?

Series008:I often think so, but I want to enjoy fashion more freely. However, it is Ningen to wear clothes (laughs)


- What do you want to enjoy fashion freely?

Series008:In addition to office fashion, we are proud to fit casual style and cool mode style that combines denim with white T. I'm not addicted to a decided mold. I want to have fun and find a new me.


- Sure, Series008 seems to choose a person who is elegant at first look, but because it is a simple design, it seems to fit a wide range of fashion!

Series008:Thank you very much. I want to try various fashions and go to various places!


Even if there is nothing, every day becomes special.

- Next, I would like to talk about my work. Is it still hard to "tick time"?

Series008:It's a job that needs a lot of concentration because you have to keep a monthly difference of 20 seconds.


Do you have any trouble with failure stories or watches?

Series008:Speaking of worries, I feel that routine work to move the second hand at the same rhythm is difficult. Also, since it is an industry where newcomers come in more and more, I was quite impatient when I was deprived of my position and couldn't get hit by the spotlight (sunlight, etc.) and the time stopped.


- How do you change your mind at that time?

Series008:It's about make me beautiful. It's like the fashion and makeup I say in Ningen, but I polish myself and come to like it little by little. No matter how anxious you are and how anxious you are to stop, time will not wait for you. In order to always look forward, I continue to polish myself at all times.


- You were prepared to be in the spotlight at any time. Has polishing yourself changed anything?

Series008:It motivates you to work. Even if it's the same task every day, if you wear your favorite clothes, you'll feel better, and if you wear makeup well, you'll have confidence in your smile. Depending on my feelings, I because I because I felt that even if I didn't have anything, every day would be special.


- That's a nice idea.

Series008:Because I began to feel confident, I had more opportunities to accompany Ningen. I went to various places such as company, women's association, and dating, and I was able to see various scenery. I really love this job now!


- After listening to Series008's story this time, I thought that happiness might be right next to me just because I didn't notice it.
Thank you for your valuable story!



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