Series005 taught me how to shine in my own way

| I want to try various things and meet a new self without being overwhelmed

Her name is Series 005, which seems to be always gorgeous and dramatic every day. What is her true face that fascinates the surroundings with a presence like a heroine? I asked him what he cherishes.

-Series005, thank you for your time today. Personally, I'm longing for it, so I'm really happy to meet you today!

Series005:Thank you very much. I'm glad you said that.


-So, please introduce yourself again.

Series005:I don't really like talking about myself, but I think it looks rather flashy. Since it contains lame, it is often picked up by those who want to wear an elegant atmosphere.


-Do you want to match the elegant style yourself?

Series005:For me personally, it would be ant to wear it more roughly every day. However, I'm honestly happy that I often take them to a special place that I don't go to so often. I feel more shining than usual.

-Since it looks gorgeous, I thought it would be NG to wear it except for special occasions such as a rich date or party.

Series005:That's not the case (laughs) I want you to take me to more and more places. People often say that they like branded products, but that's not the case. If the one you like is cheap, you'll be lucky, and if it's a little expensive, consult with your wallet. I don't care about the situation or the price.


-You have a very flexible idea.

Series005:I don't really like limiting my potential or being influenced by someone's values. I want to try various things and meet a new self without being overwhelmed.


| Pamper yourself once in the day


-Series005 has an image like a "heroine" in movies and dramas. How can I shine like Series005?

Series005:I try to prepare a reward for myself. I'm not aware that it's shining, but that may be the reason why I'm always happy.


-What kind of reward do you have?

Series005:I'm not doing anything special, just go where I want to go, eat what I want to eat, and meet the people I want to meet! I try to be honest with what I am looking for.


-How often are you rewarded?

Series005:Every day. Because I'm doing my best every day, and I try to pamper myself once that day. Even small things are fine. For example, make your lunch a little extravagant, or heal yourself with the aroma. I don't want to end the day in a dark mood, even if it's hard.


-surely. Pampering yourself once a day can also reset your feelings.

Series005: It is important to heal your mind and body, and you can afford to do something that makes you happy every day. That's why I wonder if you can be yourself as you like and think that the result is shining.


-Reward is a means of affirming yourself, isn't it? I will practice it from today! !!


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