A note of Papier Tigre collaboration from Paris. From the state of the production to the usage of the note.

Q & Q smilesal and Papier Tigre's notebook and clock set "Papier Tigre + Q & Q smilessial special set" are you already getting? Here we focus on the notes and how to use the notes.


Collaboration notes from Paris

Collaboration notes with Papier Tigre were made in Paris, France.

Cover design before being cut!

Cut by cutting machine!

I cut the middle page and open the hole.

Little after completion!

Through the ring...

Collaboration note completion!

How do you use it? Collaboration notes

Papier Tigre + Q & Q smilesolar collaboration notes, time schedule and task management formats. Future schedule1It is a notebook with high degree of freedom that can be widely used from the event of the day to the record of the hobby.
In the latter half of the page, there is also a simple ruled page that can easily take notes of work or class.


Notes on "time management"

The clock schedule is easy to visually visualize. It is convenient to check work and private schedule.

Just beside the clock illustrationTodoList. You can manage the task while checking the timeline.

You can watch the time on the smart phone or do the note.

It is convenient time to do anything digitally.

However, there is surely the pleasure and pleasure that can be felt only by the analog.

This set will help you to discover such small notices.

Please try it!