Of oneself "like"; in に honesty. What is a quality of oneself whom MINI SERIES oneself recites?

| To the person who wants to value a quality of oneself

"Mini Series" where the clock of the design with some sense of fun is prepared from the thing of the pop design as for introducing me this time though it is simple. What is matched with the personality of the person who puts it on because the width of the design is wide is attractive. Polka dots interview Mini Series oneself of the charm point in that this time. I asked her who valued personality "a quality of oneself".


―Mini Series, today thanking you in advance. I hear a story under the theme of "a quality of oneself" this time. The next one…Is it a guitar?

Mini Series:Oh, yes! I made a belt by a hobby, but I thought that time when I played it seemed to be oneself most and did not be and brought my fellow today.

―It is a wonderful guitar! It is good to Mini Series!

Mini Series:Thank you. It is my body and matching yellow and black color.


―Mini Series is an individual design in Q&Q SmileSolar.

Mini Series:I like a pop color and design that a stage shines and does very much while being small-sized size. By the way, I am the design that personality stands out, but there is a simple thing in the series by chance. Towards the user, is it the series that is easy to have you choose him to various fashions in this sense? In addition, I take pride when it is the clock which is good to the person who wants to value a quality of oneself whom I want to be covered with with nobody.


―Is it the type that the Mini Series own "does not want to be covered with?"

Mini Series:Well. I want to value own boom and feeling than I say a trend in the world. The present feeling is a design with the senses of fun in a pop. In one having you put it on in the body, a mood rises and wants to give the various place Waku Waku who wants to go out.


―Mini Series seems to heap up an outing feeling. I want to put it on for the events such as a festival or the live broadcasting personally.

Mini Series:A festival and live broadcasting, it is good! I go with a band friend well. Let's go together by all means this time!



| Because there is it like oneself; of oneself "like"; in に honesty.


―Whether I can feel that band activity is made use of in the main profession as the clock

Mini Series:Yes. When there is the accent that is good for work and a private by enjoying the music of the hobby to one's heart's content, I feel it. Because I do a favorite thing thoroughly, is it said that oneself as the main profession can tick away time like me having margin?


―The work as the clock is enjoyed, too.

Mini Series:Yes. I am glad that I have you take it to the various places. I love that I do it for appearance by me, a quite active type.


―Do you rarely take it easy in a house?

Mini Series:It is rare that I am in the house on a holiday. I go at the very beginning when I have you tell an up-and-coming cafe and general store from a band friend. I have you tell that you did not know it and it is stimulating and likes that I go to the first place.


―I am full of curiosity. As for Mini Series, one's being interested and thing and thing liking are chosen positively and feel it when do not be spent at all happily!

Mini Series:Even if even work is private, the that there are many favorite things around is much happier and is.

―Favorite clothes and clock…. Then I seem to be begun immediately, too! Finally what is a quality of oneself for Mini Series?

Mini Series:Because I hear it slightly exaggeratedly when I say "a quality of oneself", I appeared for some stories in a while ago, but I "become honest for one's" "enthusiast", and is it good? I put on favorite clothes and clock, and, to hear favorite music, go to the place that you want to go. If there is such time, with that alone it is happy. If the favorite clock is me, I think that I am gladder.

―It seems to be always with a forward feeling if with Mini Series! Thank you for having you talk a lot today!


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