Loose matching ススメ which MATCHING STYLE SERIES002 oneself talks about

| Few pairs have good feeling.

Matching Style Series 002 where the clock to introduce this time can enjoy "a loose pair." Eight colors of color variations gather and can enjoy the pair that is different in a friend and a color. Here, I interview 002 Matching Style Series oneself. I participated in the off-line meeting of the trio that a common hobby made friends in an opportunity.


―Everybody of Matching Style Series 002, today thanking you in advance.

Matching Style Series 002:Thanking you in advance!

From the left: Yellow, green, vivid pink


―What kind of group is everybody?

Yellow:A common hobby is group of 3 who made friends in an opportunity. I did information sharing on SNS, but completely made friends first probably because it had been the same product if I noticed.


―That a friend can do it in SNS; nowadays! What is the common hobby?

Green:We like Korea and Taiwanese culture. Recent topic はというと, most are the stories of the Korean drama. That scene was good or was able to cry or says the impression of the drama.


―I seem to take my ease (laugh) and am gathered quite frequently?

Green:Though I gather regularly, it is considerably rough. When when I want to gather, I gather, and it is loose in the good meaning such as the ant again if I cannot gather, and I am great, and it is said, and a feeling is relations.

Yellow:I agree, too. I can swell about the same hobby if I gather, and is it said that I do not interfere it too much to there because but it is not a friend knowing from old days? It is a good sense of distance. Surely people putting us on may not have many people of the similar type either.

Vivid pink:Such mind がするね ~. Because the relations that are completely birds of a feather are more different than a comfortable person; a person such as comfortable しいじゃん. Does this come? (laugh)

Green:Prepare only あれでしょ, a whole bunch matching coordinates をするんではなく, a point, and enjoy each style freely afterward; is

Vivid pink:It is it uh-huh (laugh)

Yellow:Is it it? (laugh) まぁいいか (laugh)


―Breath is good, everybody, (laugh), and, with few common points, the bond is a deepening thing enough.


| The password "will do what tomorrow"

―I think that I become an adult when I become close to the person whom I met newly that hard to please. When I can have something, advice.

Green:It is difficult. I did not think that I made friends so much possibly. But I did not suffer so at time because there was a common hobby to make friends.

Vivid pink:Well, it is ... I make friends if I notice and seem to gather if I notice. Should not jump first of all without taking seriously!


―I see. I do not think about the difficult thing, and at first one step is to step forward. When everybody will be a good trio from now on.

Yellow:I think that it will be so. When I will talk about their favorite things as usual even if I get old so much "what I shall do tomorrow."

Vivid pink:Our password だね ~( laugh)

Green:One step wants you to step forward with courage if I expect a new encounter. If there are a few "pairs", I should be able to surely make friends. Like us!


―Thank you for an interesting story!



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Vivid pink