Matching Style Series 002 Seems to talk about, loose matching

| A little matching is comfortable.

This time the watch to introduce is a matching style series 002.8 color variation with "loose matching", and you can enjoy a match with your friends and colors. Here we interview Matching Style Series 002. I participated in the Trio's off meeting that the common hobbies got along well.

-Matching Style Series 002 Thank you very much today.

Matching Style Series 002:thank you!

From left: Yellow, green, vivid pink

-Shino What kind of group is it?

yellow:It is the threesome where the common hobbies get along well. At first it was about to share information on SNS, but it was the same product, or if I notice it, I was getting along well.

-SNS now I can do my friends! What is a common hobby?

green:We like Korea and Taiwan culture. The recent topic is that most of them talk about Korean drama. That scene was good, crying, and saying the impression of the drama.

-What happen (laughs) Are you collecting quite frequently?

green:It is regularly gathered, but it is pretty rough. If you want to gather, it will gather and you will not gather it again, it's a very pleasant relationship that it's a very comfortable sense.

yellow:I am also the same feeling. If you collect, it will be excited about the same hobbies, but it's not a friend who has already known, so it's not too much interference. It feels good distance. People who wear us will surely have a lot of people with similar types.

Vivid pink:I feel like that ~. It is fun because there are differences than people who are completely similar to those who are completely similar. Do you want this? (Lol)

green:That's why not a matching cord, but just align points and then enjoying each style freely, it seems like

Vivid pink:Yeah, that (laughs)

yellow:Is it that? (Laughs) Ma good (laughs)

-Some, the breath is perfect (laughs) Even in a few common points, the bond is deep enough.

The secret word is "tomorrow, what do you do"

-As an adult, I think it's difficult to get close to the newly encountered person. If you get some advice.

green:It is difficult. I did not think that I would get along well. But because there is a common hobby, I did not take the time to get along well.

Vivid pink:I agree~. If you notice it, it's getting along and it seems to be gathered if you notice. Don't think about it, but it's good to jump in for the time being!

-So that's it. Don't think about difficult things, and first take a step. Everyone will be good trio from now on.

yellow:I think so. No matter how old you are, "What will you do tomorrow, do you do what you're going to talk about your favorite things.

Vivid pink:It is our secret word ~ ​​(laughs)

green:If you want a new encounter, I want you to take a step with courage. If there is a slight "match", you should surely get along well. Like us!

-Thank you for interesting stories!

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