MATCHING STYLE SERIES001 Pride to be the design of all the design you are talking about

| I'm proud to have the same design in my family.

The watch that you will introduce this time is the Matching Style Series001, which is a clock in the field.It features three different sizes of different sizes in the same design, with family members and married couples enjoying the "assortment of watch".The Matching Style Series001 interview was conducted.I was disturbed when I was shopping in my family on holidays.

From left: mayo, otoko-sama, danna-sama

-Matching Style Series001, family of Series001, please give my best regards today! I'm sorry for your time in your family.

My husband:No, no, no, no. I don't care at all.Is it good?You know, if you do cover a family in a supermarket, you probably won't get anything. (Laughter)

Wife:Oh, yes, I thought so.I didn' t think you were really going to be here, so I wish I had just a little more. (Laughter)


-No, no, no, no, no. You're beautiful!

Wife:Good ...!

Child:Hey, Mom, this is the people.

Wife:Oh, come on, say hello to me.

Child:Hahy.Hello, Matching Style Series001, and the case diameter and width are 32mm.


-Hi.Good and good, isn't it?

Wife:I'm so embarrassed to be ... embarrassed.


-Matching Style Series001 is known as an alias, "a clockwise clock", but it's just a sense of alignment.

My husband:because every single part is the same design.It is often said that couples and lovers come together in a similar way, but I think it's a design that embodies them.


It's a perfect fit for family and lovers, as you say, "The Clock I've got."

My husband:When I was talking to my friends, I was sometimes joking and said, "Why do you think you're a little bit embarrassed by the exact same appearance of your family?"I know what I want to say, and I have a feeling that Pealk is a little more sickly.


-Hmm. - Oh, my God.

My husband:But I'm proud that all my family are the same design.When a family is born into a kabuki actor's family, it is the same as walking in a kabuki life, and has a pride that is to complete this role, as it was born in Matching Style, Series001.This child (32mm in diameter and width) may be something moyamy if it's Matching Style Series001, but I want you to tell the part of the pride firmly, and keep your chest (literally, literally "literally") to tick it up.

Wife:(quietly nodding).


and I will tell you a little bit of your conversation, and the strength of your bonds and your bonds will be handed down.

My husband:I'm sorry. I just told you. (Laughter)It may be said to be a parent idiot, but the happiest time when you walk out in the same way with your family is the happiest time.

Child:Come on, buy this!

Wife:How long do you think you're going to serve me?

(Laughter) You might be a parent. (Laughter)


| Watch your watch to enjoy your assortment

MATCHING STYLE 001, I think, what is the attractiveness of the assortment?

My husband:It would be a sense of unity and a sense of elation accompanying it.For example, if you had a professional sports team, you would wear a replica uniform and cheer on it.That's what enjoys a sense of unity with the team.In the U.S. presidential election, it is time to take advantage of the sense of unity to make the people take sides with each other.


-A presidential election ...

My husband:I'm sorry, but the story was out of the line.If you don't have any professional sports teams, you should be reminded of a cultural festival and a sports festival when you are a student.At that time, I'm sure that once you've made a T-shirt with your class in your class, you've done something in your own class.I think it's the exciting feeling that I feel at the moment, and I think it is the attraction of the moment.

Wife:Oh, I designed that T-shirt when I was a student!

My husband:Hee ~, first ear (Loose).


-I'm sure you had a good illustration of illustrations.

My husband:However, as I said earlier, it is true that there is a feeling of a little sneakly, as I said earlier.That's where we're going.It's hard to wear your clothes or caps, but if you watch your watch, you'll be able to enjoy your clothes.


-clothes are wide and conspeuable.

My husband:Yes.It's a really nice thing to use for your family, because it feels a sense of unity, but it feels a sense of unity.Of course, it is very welcome to go out with me and my wife.

-- zzz

If you think I'm quiet, I'm gonna fall asleep.All right, now, time-sails will start.

My husband:
Thank you for today.Please come and see me whenever we are good.

-Thank you. I'd love to have a good time!



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My Lady.


Danna sama