Hint to enjoy every day that Series004 taught

| I want you to enjoy it freely

His name that I am always able to afford some, and enjoys every day at one's paceSeries004. I heard what it was that he valued to spend it like oneself.

Series004さん, today thanking you in advance. It is a wonderful car!


Series004Thank you. It is a used car, but I run well and like the body color such as the blue sky above all. And in the place that is a convertible. For a trip enthusiast, I do not stand.


―I go for a drive with a convertible…. I long!


Series004We will go for a drive this time by all means! Oh, it is argument いているとかではないですよ! Purely (laugh)


―By all means (laugh)Q&Q SmileSolarThere are には, various series,Series004Do you think さんは, own to be what kind of clock?


Series004It is what to say by oneself, but, as well as the appearance that I assumed パキッ, is quite active. I like the trip, too and like the drive, too. Therefore surely can I choose you towards a same trip enthusiast well?


―Surely,Series004Because it is the color that is uplifting in さんは pop, a feeling seems to improve it more when I put it on for the trips


Series004SurelyTPOIf think that choose the clothes when is similar, but I will agree with the clock;; let sometimes resemble it, and choose you, and want to enjoy it. Because "is camping today, "it will be said in this this watch" because will be a date tomorrow"; or more freely.

―I see. Are there the scene and the fashion which own wants to challenge?


Series004Well…. I think that the basics are active, and the casual style which wants to be active matches it most, do you match a shirt and slacks-style wearing in an office? I want to challenge the fashion of the woman afterward.


Series004Because it is さんは, a simple design, it seems to be easy to match it with various clothes!


Series004Yes. The user thinks that myself can enjoy a fashion more freely.


| Where shall the next rest go to? I look for と question

Series004The image that it may be said that I like さんは, a trip, and is spent very happily every day. Is there the art to enjoy it?


Series004Is it the ON-OFF thing that I modulate it and "make relaxation" well? The means "is "a trip" and a drive" for me.


―A trip and the drive seem to become the good change.


Series004Yes. I can refresh it just to run in the favorite course, and to want to eat delicious soba, and to stand, and to go for an outing a little, and not to have a hope, and to only run it.


―But I think when a drive and a trip are not the relaxation that they can carry out right now and….


Series004Well. I ask it whether "the next rest will go to wherever" at such time. The time thinking like that is happy.


―I see. It is important that oneself knows the method that can take a rest.

Series004Really so. I think that it is important to know a hard thing and the means to bring oneself back at time when I might hate it. Please make time to apply a heart to the thing except the problem if there is the person who does not do a change well because few is good. I take a walk and eat a delicious thing and. There should be surely the relaxation method that is good to oneself in that.


―I see.Series004The reason why there seems to be さんがいつも margin is that relaxation was good. I practice me!


Then what kind of clock does it want to be from now on last?


Series004It wants to be the clock which can share pleasure and time to be relaxed together. I am excited when I wear me, and pleasure improves more and remembers a happy day again and…. I give 笑 っちゃうかもですが, spirit and want to come to make a smile.


―Wonderful.Series004If さんと is same as, a lot of pleasant things surely feel like seeming to get up!



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