Consider "a little friendly to the earth". Everyone's ECO Life!

Solar Watch Q & Q Smilesolar, which can be charged with sunlight, think about "a little friendly to the earth". What is everyone practicing any "eco things"? The fourth this time I asked Mr. Yuko Kanaya of the illustrator.

Eco-friend Q & A

The artist Kanaya-san who teaches about "Eco things" practiced.

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Then start a question immediately!

Q1. What is the eco-friendly thing?
I like old clothes and wear well, but if I'm not wearing it, I will make a long time to make it a long time. The photo was a cushion cover made of a mother's fluttering dress with a bag (with an old band found in a free market) and a dress of Mexico who can not be worn. Both embroidery were cute and I could not let go.

Q2. I wanted to start it
The old clothes are attracted to the same time and I'm wearing a teenager. Even if you can not wear it, the fabric is wonderful or attachment, and I like the sewing, so I will make it another one as one of the fun.

Q3. What is the tips for enjoying Eco?
Choose in love and polarity than rationality against things. I wonder if the person can be more dating. As a result, the environmental load may be small. In addition, it is fun to do not use only special use, and at the same time, it is fun to get free fit.

A favorite canned favorite can is a hobby and a storage of work tools.

Q4. What do you want to work in the future?
Furniture paint and dauning (a method of repairing European traditional clothes).
Paint still somehow, but I want to expand the place where I draw pictures into everyday places.
Derning not only wear your favorite, but also after repairing is unique and nice.

Q5. What do you think about Smile Solar?

It is an impression that it is a clock that wears and enjoys many colorful things.
I thought that the package was a paper box, so I thought it was devised as a brand interested in the environment.

Look at the clock of Yuko Kanaya Design


Eco has started from choice! There are a lot of devices to enjoy long. Mr. Kanaya 's "Eco". It is very nice. I will try to practice.