Be honest with your "love".The World of the Kuky Boy

Cookie Boy (COOKIEBOY), a colorful ice cookie and collaborating with a variety of fashion brands, is a good thing to do.As a graphic designer, he is a man who enjoys art freely and freely, in his own favorite koto or object.What design do you think of a collaboratwatch with Mr. Kukky Boy?From the back story of the design, I heard a lot of stories about Cookie Boy's own.


Ising cookies on the atelier!


This time, I'm in the way of Cookboy Boy, who is said to be a stunting man who is a popular cookie cookie.I'd like to meet you today.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Pleased to meet you.

Easing Cookie Artist/Graphic Designer Cuckboy Boy


This time, I would like to ask you a lot about Cookie Boy while experiencing a workshop of the issing cookie! What are you doing?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Today, we have not been able to collaborate with fashion brands, make cookies on orders, or have recently been affected by the effects of new coronavirus, but we are also working on workshops.

A workshop which is freely decent to colorful cookies."I took part in the workshop," he said.


-You're being wide-ranging.What is the theme of the icing cookie?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:It is designed to be a theme for "eating something that you can't eat."For example, insects such as butterflies and fashion items.


-Why did you come to that subject?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I have a lot of fanciful colors, but I like the eccentric colors.I have a pretty design now, but at that time I wanted to make things that weren't there.Don't you have a great impact on insects?I think it's more interesting to me to think of.

-The ice cookie designed by Cookie Boy is a magnate look, right?I am very concerned about what art has been touched by art so far, or how it has now been expressed!


| I want to be honest with what I want to do


-Mr. Kukkeboy is from Kyoto, isn't he?It is said that the Jitsujitsu family was given a Nishijin brocade.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Yes.There were many weaving machines at home, and they saw the craftsman weaving the katakata and the weave.


When I was young, I had been familiar with art since I was young, but when I was in art, I wanted to get a job on art.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:How long have you been?But I loved manufacturing since I was a kid, and I went from high school to an art school.From that time on, I was interested in clothes, and I thought it would be possible for me to work on fashion in the future.From his parents, he was told that the house was a Nishijin brocade, and, first, he was told 'learn from cloth,' and he was studying text style at an art university.


-Are you textiles?What kind of work were you made when you were a student?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:You were making a lot of work, didn' t you?It was the faculty of Textile Studies, but he made a three-dimensional work or a spatial design.


-You were really free to create a frame, not a frame.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Yes, it is.The university I attended was a very free school.All the students were free and (Laughter) because they were in a free environment, so I thought I was working on my own work.

(Laughter) (Laughter) So, I'm going to try to create a piece of work, and I'm going to work on a fashion, and I'm going to get to the scooky path.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Hmm, by the way.for it may be a surprise.After graduating from college, I was decided to get a job at a children's clothing company, but my first salary was cheap.Do you have to do it in Tokyo?I thought, and I declined the job.



Mrs. Kukkeboy:So, what are we going to do in Tokyo?I thought it was a cuffel at the time, so I wanted to open a cafe.So I wanted to learn the sweets and started working at a muffin shop.It was the first time for him to live alone, and his interest in eating food began to come out.I had a job at a bakery, but since I was a student, I was making colorful and showy works, so I was getting tired of my brown bread.On such a time, I happened to watch I happen to watch TV on TV.I thought the colorful design was interesting, and I decided to make it myself.

-How did you do that?And how is it going to spread out?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:First of all, I learned the ice cookies and presented them to my friends.As my friend works at the apparel company, he designed his shoes with a motif of his shoes.


-Motif the shoes. What are your friends?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I'm very glad to do that.He was also distributed to other friends.At the time, there were many people who were interested in the ice cookies, because they were not major in Japan.Then, with my friend's publicity, I got more and more orders coming from companies.At first he was compatible with the bakery, but he was busy and decided to become independent.


-Cookie-boy is also said to be an icingkuckey-popular gunman.Recently, it has been permeated in Japan, isn't it?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Yes, it is.Sometimes I saw my work and said, "I started my ice cookies."I'm glad to hear that.


-Well, I'm glad you're not hosting these days, but do you have some workshops?I've had my first experience today, and I'm struggling with a very bad fight. (Laughter)

Mrs. Kukkeboy:It's hard to draw straight lines for the first time. (Laughter) Okay, so let' s make sure that the distortion of the line is design.


(Laughter) But, you know, the ice cookies are more fun than you can imagine!

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I am also the happiest time to have a workshop like this.We usually receive orders, make them, and repeat delivery, so we don't have to meet with our guests.Therefore, the workshops that can be talked about, together with their faces, are really fun.And there's a lot of discoveries.You're saying that you design your own basic freedup design, but your children are particularly free and growing, and you're cute."This color is a combination of colors."I'm studying and studying.

Left: Cookie Boy by the right :Q&Q SmileSolar press staff


-You look forward to the future with your children's deprivation of ideas.
Is the Cookie Boy still active on the ice cookies?I would like to ask you a question, for example.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I would like to take on more and more of my interest, not just like cookies, but with interest.I'd like to have a cafe someday.It's a cafe that sells Easing cookies, parfait, cake and food in the store, and sells the same clocks that you've been collaborating on.I would like to create a space for what I like to be free to give.

-If Cookie Boy is a shop, it's really cute. I want to go!


| from a colorful to a crustic world

-This collaboris with Cookie Boy's colorful worldview is a very cynicomatic color and design in the back.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:In fact, a graphic design is also used in the name of "classic COOKIEBOY", which is different from the "classic boy".In this collaborative watch, we designed the clock as "classic COOKIEBOY".


-What the hell is "Classic" in your name?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I love America in the ' 80s.Unlike an eccentric cookie cookie with pop, classical music shows a world of vintage that is full of sensation.In that sense, I put the word "classic" in his name.


-You have a lot of facial expressions.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I don't hesitly to do what I want to do, but I don't care what I want to do.Since I really like fashion, I have many fashion'ings in classical music.If you increase the number of expressions, you will be able to expand the range of their activities, and it is fun to be yourself.


-You've enjoyed your design honestly in your "love".Is the design of the clock for the first time?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Yes.I struggled to adjust the balance of illustrations because there was a limited amount of space to design, but I tried to enjoy it.


-Did the illustrations write down for this time?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:No, I designed and designed the illustrations I had painted so far.I think there are many plants in the collaborative watch that were adopted at the time, and I think it was only a plant drawing plants.We also submitted a two-draft design.

-Any one of you is cute and cute, isn't it?

Mrs. Kukkeboy:Thank you.Every watch was conscious of the design that I wanted to wear.I like the middle clock in the 1980s about men and women in the United States, but I still have a lot of people who are going to be able to get to more people.


-Certainly it's easy for men and women to be able to wear them, because they are cynicism and design.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:I think it's cute to be together in a couple.Since the belt has a large handle, the character board does not have a handle on it.

-The design of your belt will be more drawn.Finally, I would like to ask all of you who are looking forward to this watch.

Mrs. Kukkeboy:My ice cookies are often passed on by gifts.I think it's because I have a surprise for my amazing design, which I think is astoniable, but I have a strong desire to be surprised.It is the same for this watch.I wish I could open the box and make me smile when I got there.I would be happy if I couldn't buy it for myself, as well as a gift for anyone.You can make cookies or graphic design, but this watch has been designed and designed to be free of fun.So I want you all to be free and enjoy every day!

Cookie Boy's collaboratwatch was released on December 1.Make sure that you have friends and partners who are important to you.I am happy that I will be able to be honest with myself by wearing this watch.


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