What happens when adding playfulness to the clock? 10 questions to listen to Papier Tigre! Part II

French born stationery brand Papier Tigre. Playful design and color combination products are popular. Collaboration with Papier Tigre finally released! Here, I asked a designer in France and Paris who was involved in the production. I will share about the collaboration watch before and after. This time later. Find out about collaboration watch.

In the first part about deep-minded and collaboration of Q1 to Q5, Papier Tigre.
A stationery maker creates a clock! 10 questions to listen to Papier Tigre! First part.


What do you want to watch in collaboration watch?


The pattern of the masking tape developed by Papier Tigre was designed on the belt part of the watch. I chose the popular design of the masking tape of Papier Tigre. I think that you can be especially pleased with the pazier Tigre fan.


Q7. What kind of playfulness added to this collaboration watch?


In addition to adopting the pattern of the masking tape to the belt, the combination of colors like Papier Tigre is also a point. I think that it becomes a clock that becomes pleasant only by putting it on oneself, and wants to match various coordinates.


Q8. Is there a point that is conscious of design?


Graphic design does not disturb the function of "clock reading time". In addition, the design of the dial has been simplified to make it easy for children to read the time. In addition, it aimed at the clock which becomes an accent as the fashion item, and it doesn't interfere with any style, and it doesn't interfere.

As a special item, a set of watches and notes appears.


Now it's a handy time to check your time with smart phones, take notes and do anything digitally. But we believe that there is an amusing and delightful feeling. The flow of time can be felt real, paper wetting, and the enjoyment of writing. It is glad to convey the charm of the analog because it is analog and to write the daily awareness in this note.

You can schedule time schedule and task.

What do you want to get to collaborate with?

I want you to be happy every time I watch this watch from the cuffs. It is a design that can be easily attached to children and adults regardless of gender. For example, when you imagine the spectacle of Grandpa and grandchild, you are very happy. I think that this watch reaches to a lot of people and overflow with positive feelings.



A collaboration watch with Papier Tigre is on sale! Please get a clock of design that is exciting.

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