The replacement process is very simple.

For replacement:
・Insert the pointed end of the spring bar removal tool into the hole on the side of the watch case to remove the spring bars.
・Remove the spring bars from the old straps, then insert them into the new ones.
・The fork end of the tool can be used to hold the spring bars of the new straps when fixing them into the case holes.

New replacement watch straps are now available with 15 styles for the regular size Q&Q SmileSolar watches
and 5 styles for the mini watches.
Adding new sets of strap styles, you can inter-mix and personalize your own design combination! Please note that:
1. The replacement strap package does not include matching spring bars or spring bar removal tool.
2. There are two size variations – one matched for mini series, and another for SmileSolar / SmileSolar The SPICE series.